Sira Ingkang Sinuwun Kanjeng Sunan

Raden Umar Said
Dawe, Kudus
EraDemak Sultanate, Cirebon Sultanate, Banten Sultanate
TitleKanjeng Sunan Muria
  • Raden Said (Sunan kalijaga) (father)

Sunan Muria (or Muria) is, according to the Babad Tanah Jawi ("History of the land of Java") manuscripts, one of the Wali Sanga ("Nine Saints") involved in propagating Islam in Indonesia.[1]

He was born as Raden Umar Said, as the son of Raden Said (Sunan Kalijaga).[2]

A big distinction of Sunan Muria - apart from the other Sunans - is his very-close-relationship to common people. He tend to spread his teaching in rural and remote areas, including teaching local people in agriculture, fishery, and other things.

His name is used as the name of the nearby mountain, Mount Muria.

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