Genresatire, political humour
Created byJosh Faure-Brac
StarringJosh Faure-Brac
Theme music composerGhetto Blaster
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes67
Running time5-30 minutes
Production companyCurrent TV
Original releaseAugust 19, 2005 (2005-08-19) –
January 28, 2010 (2010-01-28)

SuperNews! is a 2005-2010 half-hour, satirical animated television series which aired on Current TV. It was created by Josh Faure-Brac who also wrote for the show and performed the majority of male voices. The show is primarily based on popular culture satire and political humor. Frequent characters include animated interpretations of such mainstream figures as President of the United States Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Senator John McCain, and various pop-culture icons and celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Perez Hilton, and Britney Spears. 67 episodes were produced.[1]


Josh Faure-Brac created the pilot for SuperNews! in 2005 which was developed to appear with the launch of the new cable network Current TV and subsequently all of the art and animation was created by Faure-Brac and Steven K. L. Olson until 2006. Faure-Brac and Olson were then joined by animator Dustin McLean (of literal music video) who later became assistant director for the show. SuperNews! episodes (short-form segments) aired in Current TV's "shuffle" rotation.

In March 2009, as Current TV started shifting to more traditional 30-minute programming, the show transitioned to a full half-hour program consisting of several shorts married together by thematic transitions. During these transitions, the show's logo and mascot Earf would appear in very brief scenes that often related to the previous or upcoming segment.

Season 2 premiered on November 12, 2009.

SuperNews! formerly aired every Thursday night on Current TV at 11:00 P.M./10:00 P.M. Central

SuperNews! was cancelled on May 12, 2010.

Episode list

Date Number of episode Title
08.19.05 1 Davos
08.19.05 2 Rove
08.27.05 3 Bolton
09.12.05 4 Pat Robertson
09.20.05 5 Hurricane Katrina
10.05.05 6 Iraqi Constitution Club
10.22.05 7 GOP in Jeopardy
11.10.05 8 Operation Omega Pattern B
11.22.05 9 The Story of Thanksgiving
12.17.05 10 I'm Dreaming of a Warm Christmas
01.23.06 11 The Gods Must Be Bowling
02.04.06 12 State of the Union
02.16.06 13 Wire Tappin'!
02.18.06 14 Cheney Shooting: The Quail Speaks!
03.09.06 15 Brokeback White House
03.28.06 16 The Wacky Trial of Saddam Hussein
04.10.06 17 MySpace and K-Fed
04.29.06 18 The Immigration Debate
05.20.06 19 Oprah Drops a Da Vinci Load
05.31.06 20 Low Ratings of the Season Finale
06.16.06 21 Iran: Deal Or No Deal?
07.06.06 22 A Night With Ann Coulter
07.22.06 23 Bush and Blair's Candid Moment
09.28.06 24 Osama Bin Lohan
10.17.06 25 Star-Spangled Terror
11.01.06 26 You Gotta Vote
11.04.06 27 Joke Botchin' John Kerry
11.13.06 28 The K-Fed Effect
11.22.06 29 Jackass: N. Korea
12.20.06 30 Christmas Wars
01.13.07 31 Iraq Speech Outtakes
01.24.07 32 Revenge of the Nerds
01.27.07 33 State Of The Union
02.14.07 34 Gates vs. Jobs
03.09.07 35 The (Oval) Office
04.24.07 36 Perez Hilton Show
05.03.07 37 First Dem Debate '08
05.12.07 38 First Repub Debate '08
06.05.07 39 Shawskank Redemption
06.21.07 40 Entourage D.C.
06.23.07 41 Mike Gravel Rocks!
07.11.07 42 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen?
08.11.07 43 Super Tube Debate
09.12.07 44 The Hills
09.18.07 45 Miss Teen President
09.27.07 46 Oh That Mahmoud
10.3.07 47 Goodbye, Mr. Rove
10.16.07 48 My Dinner with Bill O'
10.25.07 49 White House Halloween Party
12.6.07 50 Becks Strikes the USA
12.18.07 51 It's a Horrible Life
12.6.07 52 Rambo vs. Terror (Part 1)
01.31.08 53 Rambo vs. Terror (Part 2)
02.24.08 54 Rambo vs. Terror (Part 3)
02.27.08 55 The Democratic Messiah
03.15.08 56 Spitzer Blows It
04.16.08 57 Blue Collar Hillary
04.17.08 58 Texting Your Way to Love
04.22.08 59 Social Networking Wars
05.16.08 60 American Ap-perv-el
07.1.08 61 Hipsters in Space
07.26.08 62 Mugged At The Gas Station
08.18.08 63 Socrates on Phelps
09.3.08 64 McCain's VP Rejects
09.8.08 65 Supernews Does The Internet (half-hour special)
09.11.08 66 Uncle Sam & 9/11
09.12.08 67 Internet Porn & You
10.17.08 68 Top Gov
01.17.09 69 George Calling Orson

Half-hour episodes

1st season

Date Number of episode Title 1st video 2nd video 3rd video 4th video 5th video 6th video
3.20.09 1 The Death of MTV Obama Hits the AIG Spot Twouble with Twitters* Rachel Maddow's and Anderson Cooper's Hot Date MTV Down Friend Request: Hookin' Up Lobster Abs
3.27.09 2 Return of the Jabba Jabba the Rush* Ex-Texting Project Britney The Craigslist Genie
4.3.09 3 It's Gotta Be Swexty The Glenn Beck Apocalypse Evite Master* Life On Mars... Is Gay! The Instant DJ Toolbox Larry King's Spicy Interview Friend Request: Delete a friend
4.10.09 4 Totally Up Our Own Asses Euro-Bama Texting Your Way Through Work Hipsters in Space: Judgementotron Going Green Project Britney: Future Britney The Craigslist Genie: Missed Connections
4.17.09 5 SuperNews! Recycles Gates vs. Jobs SuperNews! Recycles Some Crap Jimmy Does Rambo Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen? fragment of I'm Dreaming of a Warm Christmas The Great Immigration Debate of 1621
5.1.09 6 We've Been Tea-Bagged Swine Flu Panic!!! Your Dad asks Computer Questions Using Pets to Get You Laid The War on Terror of 1776 Hot Three-Way Action
5.8.09 7 I Don't Wanna Go Bowling Celebrity Twitter Overkill Texting Your Way Through Friday Night Hipsters in Space: Fashion Edition The IKEA Relationship Larry King Interviews Yoga Expert Passive Aggressive E-mail Boxing*
5.17.09 8 Strippers? Hookers? Hair Gel? Dick goes Waterboarding Friend Request: Stalker Larry King Interviews the Hadron Collider The Divine Comedy of Vegas DilDos and DilDon'ts Gorgon the Awkward Alien
5.22.09 9 The End of Television Adam Lambert's Duet With Susan Boyle* Friend Request: Chat Windows* Homeless TV Project Britney: Perez Hilton Larry King on Larry King* What's Your Fantasy?*
5.29.09 10 SuperNews! Best Of Season One 5th
The Instant DJ Toolbox*
Your Dad asks Computer Questions*
MTV Down*
Six Degrees of SuperNews! 2nd
Emoticons War*
Twouble with Twitters*

2nd season

Date Number of episode Title 1st video 2nd video 3rd video 4th video 5th video 6th video 7th Video
11.12.09 11 Rise of the Stupids Obama Aborts Abortion Douchey-Doo!: The Mystery of the VIP List Emoticons Have Cybersex* The Stupid Virus Texting While Driving Uncle Sam & Lady Liberty on Immigration
11.19.09 12 Twilight of the Vampires Parasailin' With Sarah Palin Linked what? The Obamas: After Dark Vampires: Hollywood Bloodsuckers PSA: Stop Clam Jamming!* Master Debaters: Pot v.s. Meth
12.03.09 13 Soggy Doobies and Strippers Obama's White House "Job" Fair Gorgon Has Body Image Issues Your Mom Has TiVo Questions Smarmy Time With Bill Maher Girlfriend Texts During Football* Uncle Sam & Lady Liberty: Slave Memorial?
12.10.09 14 Obama Googles Jesus Obama's Awkward Peace Prize Ceremony Hipster's In Space: Jihad is Rad Dennis Miller 1989 v.s. Dennis Miller 2009 The Google Toilet TMZ: Jesus Gossip! Spirit and Opportunity: Showdown on Mars The Obamas: Bathroom Talk
12.17.09 15 The Christmas Bailout Obama & Biden's "Drummer Boy" Duet The Tale of The Dollar The Dangers of Mass Texting Uncle Sam & Lady Liberty: Indian Casino* Weird Al Yankovic's "Ringtone"* Santa Saves Christmas
1.14.10 16 Say Halo to 2010! The Return of the GOP The Obamas: Date Night The Death of MySpace Larry King Interviews 2010 Gorgon the Awkward Alien: Gym* Gates vs. Jobs II
1.21.10 17 Monoliths, Missiles and Pubes Oh My! Obama Says F*ck It Your Dad Asks iPhone Questions A Hipster Space Odyssey Uncle Sam's Throbbing Military Outta Control Pubes
1.28.10 18 Douchebag Powers Activate! Scott Brown has the Power Douchey Doo! Pool Party Mystery The First Halloween* Memes of Memetasia Socrates and Plato: Hot or Not The Craigslist Genie: Casual Encounters

*Episode was earlier on the Internet

Voice performers

Frequent voice performers are Josh Faure-Brac, Jason Nash, Natasha Leggero, Jordan Peele, Brian Shortall, Rebecca Sage Allen, Jonah Ray, Jerry Minor, Sarah Haskins.

Between Seasons 1 and 2

SuperNews! Collabo-Jam Hosted by Josh Faure-Brac and "Weird Al" Yankovic, this Collabo-Jam Super Special includes Al and Josh's favorite clips from SuperNews! and some of Al's classic music videos. Plus, the World Premiere of the new "Weird Al" music video, "Ringtone" animated by the SuperNews! team.

SuperNews! Classics From August to October 2009, SuperNews! produced a compilation of previously released episodes from before it became a full-time show.

  1. SuperNews! Has Sex! 08.06.09
  2. Starring George W. Bush! 08.17.09
  3. Josh's Classic Favorites 08.29.09
  4. Political Moments in Time 09.12.09
  5. The Real Divas of SuperNews! 09.19.09
  6. Staff Picks 09.26.09
  7. Scary S#@! 10.03.09
  8. Pre-President Obama 10.10.09

Rambo vs. Terror was also recompiled and aired as a classic.

In October 2009, SuperNews! made a cartoon called The First Halloween, seemingly to explain the holiday in addition to their already explained Thanksgiving and Christmas.



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