Superior Court of Macau Building
The Court of Final Appeal building
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese終審及中級法院大樓
Simplified Chinese终审及中级法院大楼
Portuguese name
PortugueseEdifício dos Tribunais de Segunda e Última Instâncias

Superior Court of Macau Building (Chinese: 終審及中級法院大樓, Portuguese: Edifício dos Tribunais de Segunda e Última Instâncias) is the home of the supreme court of Macau and the second court of appeal.

Construction of the court house began in 1997 and was completed in 1999 in time for the handover. The court building is located next to the Macau Legislative Assembly Building in Nam Van Lake area and located within Cathedral Parish.

The three storey structure uses various types of stones on a concrete core:

Steel, glass, copper and wood are other materials used throughout the building.

The building was built by local architectural firm Mario Duarte Duque.

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Coordinates: 22°10′58″N 113°32′27″E / 22.182718°N 113.540847°E / 22.182718; 113.540847