Superman Adventures
Cover of Superman: Adventures of the Man of Steel trade paperback from 1998. Art by Bruce Timm and Alex Ross.
Publication information
Publication date1996—2002
No. of issues66
Creative team
Written byPaul Dini, Mark Evanier, Devin Grayson, Scott McCloud, Mark Millar, Ty Templeton

Superman Adventures is a DC Comics comic book series featuring Superman. It is set in the continuity (and style) of Superman: The Animated Series. It ran for 66 issues between 1996 and 2002. Writers on the series included Paul Dini, Mark Evanier, Devin Grayson, Scott McCloud, Mark Millar, and Ty Templeton. It is a sister title to The Batman Adventures (based on Batman: The Animated Series) and Justice League Adventures (based on Justice League).

Exclusive characters

While the comic relied mostly on the cast from the animated series, there were a few characters who only appeared in the comic, such as General Zod,[1] Brad Wilson (from Superman III),[2] Bizarro Lois Lane,[3] Krypto,[4] and Sandman (from "The Sandman Saga").[5]

One shots

World's Finest

Batman and Superman Adventures: World's Finest (December 1997) is an adaptation of the 3-part episode of the same name. The adaptation is mostly faithful to the animated version. An additional scene shows Batman discussing with Alfred his problem with Superman (his tendency to rush in without thinking). The story was written by Paul Dini, with penciling by Joe Staton, and inks by Terry Beatty.

Superman vs Lobo

In Superman Adventures Special: Superman vs Lobo: Misery in Space (February 1998), Superman inhales a poison unleashed by some terrorists and leaves Earth to trace a radiation source that should cure him (though not lethal to Superman, the poison makes him a danger to the rest of Earth). Lobo is pointed to an artifact called the Nirvana Crystal, which emits the radiation source Superman requires. The two team up (not with the best of results) and head to the Maracot System.

The owner of the crystal, Squeed, is determined to launch it into the sun to cleanse the universe of evil (as his wife was killed in an accident, but he assumes it to be an evil act). Superman, much to Lobo's dismay, has to destroy the crystal to keep it from going into the sun. The energy from the destruction of the crystal results in Superman's ailment being cured. He leaves to go back to Earth before the council of Maracot can repay him and Lobo with their treasury. Lobo claims he will give Superman his share of the reward and the issue ends with him asking, "Would I lie?" The story was written by David Michelinie, with art by John Delaney and Mike Manley.


Title Material collected Publication date ISBN
Superman: Adventures of the Man of Steel Superman Adventures #1-6 May 1998 978-1563894299
Superman Adventures (Digest size)
Vol. 1: Up, Up and Away Superman Adventures #16, 19, 22-24 September 2004 978-1401203313
Vol. 2: The Never-Ending Battle Superman Adventures #25-29 September 2004 978-1401203320
Vol. 3: Last Son of Krypton Superman Adventures #30-34 March 2006 978-1401210373
Vol. 4: The Man of Steel Superman Adventures #35-39 March 2006 978-1401210380
Superman Adventures (new editions)
Superman Adventures Vol. 1 Superman Adventures #1–10 November 2015 978-1401258672
Superman Adventures Vol. 2 Superman Adventures #11–16, Annual #1, Special #1 May 2016 978-1401260941
Superman Adventures Vol. 3 Superman Adventures #17-25 May 2017 978-1401272425
Superman Adventures Vol. 4 Superman Adventures #26-35 December 2017

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