The Supreme Court Annexe of the Seychelles Palais de Justice
The Supreme Court Annexe of the Seychelles Palais de Justice

The Supreme Court of Seychelles is the highest trial court in Seychelles.

It was created in 1903 by Order in Council, when it consisted of one judge who was the Chief Justice of the Court. Appeal cases with final judgments of the court in civil matters were transferred to the Supreme Court of Mauritius.[1]

When Seychelles became a Republic in 1976, a new Seychelles Court of Appeal was constituted which consisted of a President, two Justices of Appeal and the Judges of the Supreme Court as ex-officio members. Appeals to the court of Civil Appeal of Mauritius were abolished.

In 1993, under the new constitution, the judicial power of Seychelles is vested in the Supreme Court, a Court of Appeal, and such subordinate courts or tribunals that may be established by legislature. The Attorney-General and the judges of the Supreme Court are appointed by the President from a list of candidates prepared by the Constitutional Appointments Authority. The head of the Supreme Court, who is also the head of the Judiciary, is entitled the Chief Justice. The other judges of the Supreme Court are referred to as Puisne Judges.

Chief Justices of the Crown Colony

Incumbent Tenure Notes
Took office Left office
Fury Alfred Herchenroder [1] 1903 1905 (later Chief Justice of Mauritius, 1913)
Eric Blackwood Wright [1] 1905 1909
Alfred Karney Young [1] 1909 1913 (afterwards Attorney General of Fiji, 1913)
Sir Ewen Reginald Logan [1] 1914 1919 (afterwards Chief Justice of the Bahamas, 1925)
Sir Philip Bertie Petrides [1] 1920 1924 (later Chief Justice of the Gold Coast, 1936)
Sir Justin Louis Devaux 1924 1927 (later Chief Justice of Mauritius, 1940)
Robert Vere de Vere 1927 1931 (afterwards Chief Justice of Grenada, 1931)
Patrick Joseph Stanislaus Walsh [2] 1931 1936
John Woodman OBE 1943 1947
Malcolm Douglas Lyon 1948 1957
Sir France Bonnetard [3] 1958 1966
Sir William Campbell Wylie 1966 1970
Sir Georges Souyave [1] 1970 ?1976

Chief Justices of the Republic

Swearing in of Mathilda Twomey as Chief Justice
Swearing in of Mathilda Twomey as Chief Justice
Incumbent Tenure Notes
Took office Left office
James Aiden O’Brien Quin (expelled) [1]Afterwards Chief Justice Kiribati 1977 1980 Chief Justice Botswana 1981 1987 1976 1977
Earle Edward Seaton [1] 1978 1989
Isaac Kobina Donkor Abban [4] 1990 1993 (afterwards Chief Justice of Ghana,1995)
Vivekanand Alleear 1994 2009
Andrew Ranjan Perera 2009
Martin Stephen Egonda-Ntende [5] 2009 2014
Durai Karunakaran[5] 2014 2015 (acting)
Mathilda Twomey[5] 2015 2020
Rony Goviden[6] 2020


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