Supreme Court of the Maldives
Established18 September 2008
LocationKaafu, Malè
Coordinates4°11′49″N 73°30′51″E / 4.1969°N 73.5141°E / 4.1969; 73.5141Coordinates: 4°11′49″N 73°30′51″E / 4.1969°N 73.5141°E / 4.1969; 73.5141
Composition methodPresidential Nomination and then People's Majlis Confirmation
Authorized byConstitution of the Maldives
Appeals toNone, as this court is the highest court.
Judge term lengthLife tenure
Number of positions7 justices
Annual budget150 Million Rufiyaa
Chief Justice of the Maldives
CurrentlyAhmed Muthasim Adnan
Since8 December 2019

The Supreme Court of the Maldives is the highest court of the Maldives.

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