Surf Girls
Original networkMTV
Original releaseMay 12 (2003-05-12) –
July 7, 2003 (2003-07-07)

Surf Girls is a reality television show on MTV that aired from May 12, 2003 to July 7, 2003. The show consisted of 14 amateur surfers trying to win for the chance to go professional. The show was a collaboration between MTV and Quiksilver women's brand Roxy.[1][2]

The winners of the show were Jen Pollock and Mary Osbourne. Osbourne would go on later to win the 2009 and 2010 Malibu Surfing Association's annual Classic competition.[3][4]


Name Type of Board Age Background
Jen Pollock (Winner) Short 24 college student/waitress from Kailua, Hawaii
Mary Osbourne (Winner) Long 21 college student/waitress from Ventura, California
Katie Thornton Short 21 professional cheerleader from Athens, Georgia. Eliminated in the 6th episode.
Kula Barbieto Long 19 flight attendant from Ka'u, Hawaii
Aimee Vogelgesang Long 18 college student / smoothie girl from Kailua, Hawaii. Dropped out after 2nd episode.
Molli Miller Short 18 high school student from Atlantic Beach, Florida
Jenna Grosshans Long 18 high school student from Oxnard, California
April Grover Long 20 college student / surf shop retailer from Melbourne Beach, Florida
Robyn Tassi-Curley Short 20 waitress from West Palm Beach, Florida
Vivian Cordero Long 22 DMS controller from New Milford, New Jersey
Bonnie Campanella Short 18 college student / retailer from Glendora, California. Eliminated in the 3rd episode.
Heidi Drazich Short 19 member of the Roxy Amateur Team from Cocoa Beach, Florida
Neva Massey Short 19 restaurant hostess from Rincon, Puerto Rico. Dropped out after 2nd episode.
Lauren Stinson Short 22 college student/shooter girl from Surfside, California. Dropped out after 3rd episode.


Transword Surf reported that one of the judgesJon Rose, said despite judges voting a girl off, the show's producers reversed their decision in order to keep her in the game.[5]


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