Survival of the Richest
Created byAlex Ward
StarringHal Sparks
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes6
Executive producersJoe Houlihan, Zad Rogers, Stuart Krasnow
Running time42 minutes
Original release
NetworkThe WB
ReleaseMarch 31 (2006-03-31) –
May 5, 2006 (2006-05-05)

Survival of the Richest is an American reality television series on The WB that first aired on March 31, 2006, in which seven "rich kids" who had a combined net worth of over $3 billion were forced to work together with 7 "poor kids" who had a combined debt of $150,000, through a series of challenges to win the grand prize of US$200,000. It was hosted by Hal Sparks.

Rich Kids

  1. Kat Moon, Religious Empire Heiress, Family Worth: $989 Million (voted off)
  2. Elizabeth Lewis, Yellow Pages Heiress, Family Worth: Over $1 Billion (eliminated)
  3. Hunter Maats, Dutch Aristocracy, Family Worth: $20 Million (voted off)
  4. Liz Rubin, Real Estate Heiress, Family Worth: $15 Million (voted off)
  5. Nick Movs, LA Socialite & Heir to Ritz Carlton Hotel Fortune, Family Worth: $500 Million (voted off)
  6. Sam Durrani a/k/a Saima Shahnawaz Khan Durrani, Family Worth: $1 Billion (eliminated)
  7. T.R. Youngblood, Auto Franchise Heir, Family Worth: $20 Million (winner)

Poor Kids

  1. Tracy Huffstetler, Nanny, Debt: $19,000 (eliminated)
  2. Johanna Allio, Single Mother, Debt: $30,000 (voted off)
  3. Esmerelda Nuñez, Sales Clerk, Debt: $1,200 (voted off)
  4. Marcus Foy, Unemployed, Debt: $7,000 (voted off) (former competitor on The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency)
  5. Michael Keck, Unemployed Receptionist, Debt: $25,000 (voted off)
  6. Jacob LeBlanc, Construction Worker, Debt: $35,000 (eliminated)
  7. Jim Perkins, Student, Debt: $40,000 (winner)


  1. Nick & Michael (voted off)
  2. Liz & Marcus (voted off)
  3. Elizabeth & Tracy (lost in challenge)
  4. Kat & Esmerelda (voted off)
  5. Hunter & Johanna (voted off)
  6. Sammy & Jacob (lost in challenge)
  7. T.R. & Jim (winners)


Episode Task Winner Sent Home
1 Serving at Medieval Times Restaurant Hunter & Johanna Kat & Esmerelda
2 Cleaning at Del Mar Race Track Liz & Marcus Nick & Michael
3 Picking Peppers Sammy & Jacob Elizabeth & Tracey
4 Commercial Fishing Hunter & Johanna Liz & Marcus
5 Military tasks T.R. & Jim Sammy & Jacob
6 Redesign an L.A. Center T.R. & Jim Hunter and Johanna