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Suzuki Spacia
2017–2021 Suzuki Spacia X Hybrid
Also calledMazda Flair Wagon
ProductionFebruary 2013 – present
AssemblyKosai Plant, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
Body and chassis
ClassKei car
Body style5-door microvan
LayoutFront-engine, front-wheel-drive/all-wheel-drive
DoorsPower sliding doors
PredecessorSuzuki Palette
Mazda Flair Wagon

The Suzuki Spacia is a kei car produced by Suzuki.[1] It was a replacement for the Suzuki Palette, which was discontinued in February 2013. It improves upon fuel efficiency, is lighter and features a larger cabin than its predecessor.[2] The vehicle is also supplied to Mazda as the Mazda Flair Wagon.

First generation (MK32S/42S; 2013)

First generation
Spacia X (pre-facelift)
Model codeMK32S/42S
ProductionFebruary 2013 – February 2018
Body and chassis
RelatedSuzuki Wagon R (MH34S/MH54S)
Engine658cc R06A I3
658cc R06A I3-T
Electric motorWA04A ISG
TransmissionJatco CVT
Wheelbase2,425 mm (95.5 in)
Length3,395 mm (133.7 in)
Width1,475 mm (58.1 in)
Height1,735–1,740 mm (68.3–68.5 in)
Curb weight840–950 kg (1,852–2,094 lb)

The first-generation Spacia was released in March 2013 with three grades; G, X and the turbocharged T.[1][3] The Flair Wagon followed later in April with two grades; XG and XS, all with naturally aspirated engine.[4]

The upmarket variant called Spacia Custom was released in June 2013 with three grades; GS, XS and the turbocharged TS.[5] Mazda also introduced their version of the Spacia Custom as Flair Wagon Custom Style a month later with two grades; XS and the turbocharged XT.[6]

Limited editions based on X and XS grades were launched in June 2014.[7] Mazda also launched a limited edition based on XS grade in the same month.[8] Another limited edition of Spacia Custom XS called J Style was launched in December.[9]

The car received its facelift in May 2015.[10][11] A limited edition based on G grade was launched in December.[12]

New Z grade was added to the Spacia Custom line up in December 2016,[13] it has different front end and not adopted by Mazda.

Second generation (MK53S; 2017)

Second generation
Spacia Gear Hybrid XZ Turbo
Model codeMK53S
ProductionDecember 2017 – present
Body and chassis
PlatformHEARTECT platform
RelatedSuzuki Wagon R (MH35S/MH55S)
Suzuki Wagon R Smile
Engine658cc R06A I3
658cc R06A I3-T
Electric motorWA05A ISG
TransmissionJatco CVT
Wheelbase2,460 mm (96.9 in)
Length3,395 mm (133.7 in)
Width1,475 mm (58.1 in)
Height1,785–1,800 mm (70.3–70.9 in)
Curb weight850–940 kg (1,874–2,072 lb)

The second-generation Spacia was unveiled at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, along with the Spacia Custom.[14] It is built on the same lightweight HEARTECT platform as the sixth-generation Wagon R. Both the Spacia and Spacia Custom went on sale on 14 December 2017. The Spacia is available in G and X grade levels, while the Spacia Custom is available in GS, XS and XS Turbo grade levels. Both are only available with hybrid powertrain.[15]

On 20 December 2018, the crossover variant of the second-generation Spacia, called Spacia Gear, was released and is available in XZ and XZ Turbo grade levels with hybrid powertrain.[16]

Both the second-generation Spacia and Spacia Custom received their facelift on 3 December 2021 with new grille design, as well as a special edition variant for Spacia Gear called "My Style".[17]

On 26 August 2022, the commercial variant of the second-generation Spacia, called Spacia Base, was released with pre-facelift Spacia Custom's front fascia while retaining the regular Spacia's rear lamps and rear bumper. It is available in GF and XF grade levels with naturally aspirated engine.[18]

Third generation (MK54S; 2023)

Third generation
Model codeMK54S
ProductionNovember 2023 – present
Body and chassis
PlatformHEARTECT platform
Electric motorWA04C
Wheelbase2,460 mm (96.9 in)
Length3,395 mm (133.7 in)
Width1,475 mm (58.1 in)
Height1,785 mm (70.3 in)
Curb weight850–960 kg (1,874–2,116 lb)

The third-generation Spacia was unveiled at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show.


Year Japan
Spacia[19] Spacia Base[20]
2013 107,193
2014 121,086
2015 79,375
2016 81,277
2017 104,763
2018 152,044
2019 166,389
2020 139,851
2021 128,881
2022 100,206 6,255
2023 122,275 11,025


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