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Swindon Borough Council
Swindon Borough Council logo
Founded1 April 1997[a]
Preceded byThamesdown Borough Council
Wiltshire County Council
Mayor of Swindon
Abdul Amin, Labour
since 20 May 2022
Leader of the Council
David Renard, Conservative
since 11 April 2013
Chief executive
Susie Kemp
since 13 July 2018
Seats57 councillors
Swindon Borough Council composition
Political groups
Administration (34)
  Conservative (34)
Other parties (23)
  Labour (23)
Length of term
4 years
Last election
5 May 2022 (19 seats)
Next election
4 May 2023
Meeting place
Civic Offices at Swindon
Civic Offices, Swindon
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Swindon Borough Council is the local authority of the Borough of Swindon in Wiltshire, England. It is a unitary authority, having the powers of a non-metropolitan county and district council combined. As such, it is administratively separate from the rest of Wiltshire. It was formed in 1997, replacing Thamesdown Borough Council.

Powers, functions and operations

The local authority derives its powers and functions from the Local Government Act 1972 and subsequent legislation. For the purposes of local government, Swindon Borough is a non-metropolitan area of England. As a unitary authority, Swindon Borough Council has the powers and functions of both a non-metropolitan county and district council. In its capacity as a district council it is a billing authority collecting Council Tax and business rates, it processes local planning applications, and it is responsible for housing, waste collection and environmental health. In its capacity as a county council it is a local education authority, responsible for social services, libraries and waste disposal.

Since 2010, many schools in the area have become academies, with the council losing control. It was also the owner of Swindon's main bus operator, Thamesdown Transport, until 2017 when it sold the business to the Go-Ahead Group due to issues with funding.[1] Maintenance services are usually contracted to Swindon Commercial Services (SCS), who work in partnership with the council.[2]

The council's principal decision-making body is its cabinet, which comprises the leader and (as of 2022) nine portfolio-holding members.[3]


Main article: Swindon Borough Council elections

Fifty-seven councillors are elected by the borough's 20 wards for four-year terms. Approximately one-third of the council stands for election in rotation every year for three consecutive years, and in the fourth year there are no elections.[4]

Wards and councillors

Parliamentary constituency Ward Councillor Party Term of office
North Swindon Blunsdon and Highworth Steve Weisinger Conservative 2022–26
Alan Bishop Conservative 2019–23
Vijay Manro Conservative 2021–24
Gorse Hill and Pinehurst Carol Shelley Labour 2022–26
John Ballman Labour 2019–23
Ray Ballman Labour 2021–24
Haydon Wick Matt Lodge Labour 2022–26
David Renard Conservative 2019–23
John Jackson Conservative 2021–24
Penhill and Upper Stratton Claire Crilly Labour 2022–26
Oladapo Ibitoye Conservative 2019–23
Dan Smith Conservative 2021–24
Priory Vale Rob Heath Labour 2022–26
Vinay Manro Conservative 2019–23
Jo Morris Conservative 2021–24
Rodbourne Cheney William Stone Labour 2022–26
Jim Grant Labour 2019–23
Sudha Sri Nukana Conservative 2021–24
St Andrews Jake Chandler Conservative 2022–26
Steve Heyes Conservative 2019–23
Daniel Adams Conservative 2021–24
St Margaret and South Marston Pam Adams Labour 2022–26
Robert Jandy Conservative 2019–23
Russell Holland Conservative 2021–24
Both constituencies Covingham and Dorcan Kevin Parry Conservative 2022–26
Dale Heenan Conservative 2019–23
Barbara Parry Conservative 2021–24
Mannington and Western Jim Robbins Labour 2022–26
Steph Exell Labour 2019–23
Kevin Small Labour 2021–24
South Swindon Central Anabelle Pegado Conservative 2022–26
Adorabelle Shaikh Labour 2019–23
Lourenco Fernandes Conservative 2021–24
Chiseldon and Lawn Lawrence Elliott Conservative 2022–26
Jenny Jefferies Conservative 2019–23
Eastcott Imtiyaz Shaikh Labour 2022–26
Paul Dixon Labour 2019–23
Marina Strinkovsky Labour 2021–24
Liden, Eldene and Park South Janine Howarth Labour 2022–26
Bazil Solomon Conservative 2019–23
Curtis Flux Conservative 2021–24
Lydiard and Freshbrook Sean Wilson Labour 2022–26
Caryl Sydney-Smith Conservative 2019–23
Matthew Courtliff Conservative 2021–24
Old Town Nadine Watts Labour 2022–26
Nick Burns-Howell Conservative 2019–23
Jane Milner-Barry Labour 2021–24
Ridgeway Gary Sumner Conservative 2021–24
Shaw Suresha Gattapur Conservative 2022–26
Nick Martin Conservative 2019–23
Keith Williams Conservative 2021–24
Walcot and Park North Abdul Amin Labour 2022–26
Emma Bushell Labour 2019–23
Jamal Miah Labour 2021–24
Wroughton and Wichelstowe David Martyn Conservative 2022–26
Cathy Martyn Conservative 2019–23
Brian Ford Conservative 2021–24


  1. ^ Borough council gained unitary authority functions.


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