T10 cricket or Ten10 cricket[1] is a short form of cricket. Two teams play a single innings, which is restricted to a maximum of ten overs (60 legal balls) per side, with the game lasting 90 minutes.[2] The first competition using this format took place in December 2017, the opening season of the T10 League in the United Arab Emirates. The International Cricket Council (ICC) officially sanctioned the league.[3] In May 2020, Eoin Morgan, the captain of the England cricket team, supported the idea of using the format at the Olympics,[4][5] with former international cricketers Virender Sehwag and Shahid Afridi also supporting the idea.[6][7]

T10 leagues

Later the same month, Cricket West Indies announced that the first edition of the Vincy Premier T10 League would start on 22 May 2020[8] but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Vanuatu T10 Blast started one day earlier in Port Vila.[9] In June 2020, Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) announced the commencement of the first edition of the PDC T10 League.[10] A number of other minor T10 leagues have been started, such as the Cricket Fiji Vakataukata T10 League[11] and the Malaysia T10 Bash.[12]

Abu Dhabi T10 League

The Abu Dhabi T10 league is a T10 league played in the United Arab Emirates. It was approved by the ICC.[13] The first edition was won by the Kerala Kings.[14] While in the second the Pakhtoons were defeated by the Northern Warriors.[15] In 2019 the Maratha Arabians beat the Deccan Gladiators to win the third edition.[16] In 2020, the league hired former ICC Chief Executive Haroon Lorgat in part to help globalize the T10 format.[17]

Qatar T10 League

The Qatar T10 League was founded in Doha and has six teams.[18] Shahid Afridi became the league's brand ambassador.[19] The league had 24 international cricket players, 12 players from associate countries and Qatar national cricket team players. In the first edition the falcon hunters were victorious beating the Swift Galopers.[20] All of the matches were hosted at the Asian Town International Cricket Stadium Doha.[21] In December 2019, the ICC opened an anti corruption investigation after fixers were caught.[22]


The following criticisms have been made against T10 cricket, all largely about the shortness of the format:

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