Country of originChina
StatusUnder development
Liquid-fuel engine
PropellantLiquid oxygen / Liquefied natural gas
Nozzle ratio45
Thrust, vacuum836 kilonewtons (188,000 lbf)
Throttle range55%~110%
Chamber pressure10.1 MPa (1,460 psi)
Used in
ZQ-2 Block 2

The TQ-15 (Chinese: 天鹊-15; pinyin: Tiānquè-15, lit. Sky Lark 15) is a gas-generator cycle rocket engine burning liquid methane and liquid oxygen under development by Landspace. The most recent version of the TQ engine family, the TQ-15A, is intended to power the second stage of LandSpace's upgraded Zhuque-2 rocket.[1]


In October 2022, the construction of a fresh batch of ZQ-2 rockets was announced by LandSpace. A new variant of the TQ family of engines, designated as TQ-15A, was used in the second stage. The weight of the engine was reduced by 400 kg as a result of the elimination of the TQ-11 vernier thrusters, and vectoring is now done with a thrust vector control system that can angle up to four degrees. Additionally, the thrust will be enhanced and equipped with restart capabilities for greater mission profile flexibility.[2]


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