TVyNovelas Award for Best Co-lead Actress
Awarded forBest performance by an actress in a co-leading role
First awarded1991
Mariana Levy
Yo compro esa mujer
Currently held by2020
Jade Fraser
Vencer el miedo

Winners and nominees


Winner Nominated
9th TVyNovelas Awards
Mariana Levy for Yo compro esa mujer
10th TVyNovelas Awards
Laura León for Muchachitas
1993 to 1999


Winner Nominated
2000 and 2001
20th TVyNovelas Awards
Patricia Navidad for El Manantial
2003 to 2007
26th TVyNovelas Awards
Marisol del Olmo for Pasión
27th TVyNovelas Awards
Patricia Reyes Spíndola for Fuego en la sangre


Winner Nominated
28th TVyNovelas Awards
Violeta Isfel for Atrévete a soñar
29th TVyNovelas Awards
Alejandra Barros for Para volver a amar
30th TVyNovelas Awards
Marisol del Olmo for Esperanza del Corazón
31st TVyNovelas Awards
Patricia Navidad for Por Ella Soy Eva
32nd TVyNovelas Awards
Cynthia Klitbo for De que te quiero, te quiero
33rd TVyNovelas Awards
Fabiola Guajardo for Yo no creo en los hombres
34th TVyNovelas Awards
Susana González for La sombra del pasado
35th TVyNovelas Awards
Susana González for La candidata
36th TVyNovelas Awards[1]
Diana Bracho for Mi marido tiene familia
37th TVyNovelas Awards[2]
Macarena Achaga for Amar a muerte


Winner Nominated
38th TVyNovelas Awards[3]
Jade Fraser for Vencer el miedo



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