Tabriz meatballs
Alternative namesKufteh Tabrizi, koofteh Tabrizi
Place of origin Iran
Main ingredientsGround meat, rice, leeks, split peas, and other ingredients
VariationsCiorbă de perişoare, sulu köfte, yuvarlak, Smyrna meatballs

Tabriz meatballs (Persian: کوفته تبریزی, romanizedkufteh Tabrizi), also known as koofteh Tabrizi, are a variety of Iranian meatballs from the city of Tabriz.[1] The dish normally consists of a large meatball including rice, yellow split peas, herbs and other ingredients, and its juice which is served in a separate dish with shredded sangak or lavash bread before the main course.[2]


The ingredients are ground beef, rice, yellow split peas, leeks, mint, parsley, onion and spices, wrapped around a core of boiled egg, walnut, fried onion and dried apricot. The kufteh are braised along with fried onions, tomato paste and barberries.[3] [4]

Some versions are wrapped around a small stuffed bird before stewing.[1]


Kufteh Tabrizi means 'meatball of Tabriz'. The word is derived from kūfteh: in Persian, kuftan (کوفتن) means 'to beat' or 'to grind'.[5]

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