Tehri With Kachumbar Salad.JPG
Tehri with kachumbar salad
CourseMain course
Place of originSouth Asia
Serving temperatureHot
Main ingredients

Tahri (also tehri, tehari or tayari) is a yellow rice dish in Awadhi cuisine. Spices are added to plain cooked rice for flavor and colour. In one version of Tehri, potatoes are added to the rice.[1] In other variants soyabean chunks, vegetables, onions, tomatoes and many different spices are also added.[better source needed]


Tehri and tehari are variants on the name given to the vegetarian version of biryani. It can also be prepared with various types of meats and green peas.[citation needed]


It was developed by the Muslim Nawabs of Awadh in South Asia.[2]


Tehri became more popular during the Second World War when meat prices increased substantially and potato became the popular substitute in biryani.[3] Tehri from Gulbarga in Karnataka is well known among variants from the Indian Deccan.


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