Tahu sumedang
Alternative namesTahu bunkeng
Place of originIndonesia
Region or stateSumedang Regency, West Java
Main ingredientsDeep-fried tofu

Tahu sumedang or Tahu bunkeng (Sumedangite tofu, bunkeng tofu) is a Sundanese deep-fried tofu from Sumedang, West Java, Indonesia.


Tahu sumedang characteristics are its content half empty[1] or completely empty.[2] It has a creamier inside than the normal white tofu.[3] The taste is savory. It can be served with lontong, various kinds of sambal, soy sauce or cabe rawit.[1][2][4] Eko Hendrawan Sofyan of Kompas said that the size of tahu sumedang is about 2.5–3 cm x 3 cm and that it is light brown, mottled shell, crunchy, and tasty.[5]

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