Tai Tam Gap Correctional Institution
Traditional Chinese大潭峽懲教所
Simplified Chinese大潭峡惩教所

Tai Tam Gap Correctional Institution (Chinese: 大潭峽懲教所) is a prison in Eastern District, Hong Kong, operated by Hong Kong Correctional Services.

The Standard stated that it was in Shek O.[1]

It opened on 1 May 1980. At the time, it was a prison for young girls and women.[2] 14 was the minimum age.[3] The prison then closed on 28 May 2008. [4]

The prison was re-opened on 26 March 2014 and later closed on 6 June 2018.[4]

In 2020, the prison service announced that it would make Tai Tam Gap the first "smart prison" in the territory.[1]

On 28 May 2021, Tai Tam Gap Correctional Institution was re-commissioned as an immigration detention centre for male adult immigration detainees,[4] in particular, the centre "is used for the detention of non-refoulement claimants".[5]

The government stated that detainees held at TGCI pose ‘security risks’.[6] Unlike the other two immigration detention facilities in Hong Kong, TGCI is run by the prison authority, the Hong Kong Correctional Services,[4] and not the Immigration Department.

As part of the ‘smart prison’ initiative, TGCI detainees are required to wear wristbands that collect biometric data,[7] including heartrate, location, and movement data.[1][8]

TGCI has a capacity of 160 detainees.[4] On 28 Feb 2022, there were 111 detainees held at TGCI.[9]


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