Taihoku Prefecture

Taihoku Prefecture government building
(now the Control Yuan building)
CapitalTaihoku City
• 1941
4,594.24 km2 (1,773.85 sq mi)
• 1941
Historical eraTaiwan under Japanese rule
• Established
September 1920
• Kīrun upgraded to city
• Gilan upgraded to city
• Disestablished
October 1945
Political subdivisions3 cities (市)
9 districts (郡)
Today part ofKeelung, New Taipei, Taipei, Yilan County
Taihoku Prefecture
Taihoku Prefecture

Taihoku Prefecture (台北州; Taihoku-shū) was an administrative division of Taiwan created in 1920, during Japanese rule. The prefecture consisted of modern-day Keelung, New Taipei City, Taipei and Yilan County. Its government office, which is now occupied by the Control Yuan of Taiwan, was in Taihoku City (modern-day Taipei).


Population statistics of permanent residents in Taihoku Prefecture in 1941:

Classification Population
Mainland Japanese 153,928
Taiwanese 1,053,372
Koreans 1,051
Others 25,531
Total 1,233,882

Administrative divisions

Cities and districts

There were 3 cities and 9 districts under Taihoku Prefecture.

Cities (市 shi) Districts (郡 gun)
Name Kanji Kana Rōmaji Name Kanji Kana Rōmaji
Taihoku City 台北市 たいほくし Taihoku-shi Shichisei District 七星郡 しちせいぐん Shichisei-gun
Shinshō District 新荘郡 しんしょうぐん Shinshō-gun
Kaizan District 海山郡 かいざんぐん Kaizan-gun
Bunzan District 文山郡 ぶんさんぐん Bunzan-gun
Tansui District 淡水郡 たんすいぐん Tansui-gun
Kiryū City 基隆市 きいりゅうし Kīrun-shi Kīrun District 基隆郡 きりゅうぐん
Giran City 宜蘭市 ぎらんし Giran-shi Giran District 宜蘭郡 ぎらんぐん Giran-gun
Ratō District 羅東郡 らとうぐん Ratō-gun
Suō District 蘇澳郡 すおうぐん Suō-gun

All of the cities (市 shi) name in Chinese characters is carried from Japanese to Chinese.

Towns and villages

District Name Kanji Administrative divisions of Taiwan Note
Shiodome town 汐止街 Xizhi District (汐止區), New Taipei City
Shirin town 士林街 Shilin District (士林區), Taipei
Hokutō town 北投街 Beitou District (北投區), Taipei Upgraded from village in 1941.
Naiko village 内湖庄 Nangang District (南港區), Taipei
Neihu District (內湖區), Taipei
Matsuyama village 松山庄 Songshan District (松山區), Taipei Incorporating into Taihoku City in 1938.
Xinyi District (信義區), Taipei
Shinshō town 新荘街 Taishan District (泰山區), New Taipei City
Xinzhuang District (新莊區), New Taipei City
Roshū village 鷺洲庄 Luzhou District (蘆洲區), New Taipei City
Sanchong District (三重區), New Taipei City
Goko village 五股庄 Wugu District (五股區), New Taipei City
Rinkō village 林口庄 Linkou District (林口區), New Taipei City
Itabashi town 板橋街 Banqiao District (板橋區), New Taipei City
Ōka town 鶯歌街 Shulin District (樹林區), New Taipei City
Yingge District (鶯歌區), New Taipei City
Sankyō town 三峡街 Sanxia District (三峽區), New Taipei City
Chūwa village 中和庄 Yonghe District (永和區), New Taipei City
Zhonghe District (中和區), New Taipei City
Dojō village 土城庄 Tucheng District (土城區), New Taipei City
Shinden town 新店街 Today Xindian District
Shinkō village 深坑庄 Today Shenkeng District and Wenshan District
Sekitei village 石碇庄 Today Shiding District
Heirin village 坪林庄 Today Pinglin District
Aboriginal Area 蕃地 Today Wulai District
Tansui town 淡水街 Today Tamsui District
Hachiri village 八里庄 Today Bali District
Sanshi village 三芝庄 Today Sanzhi District
Sekimon village 石門庄 Today Shimen District
Zuihō town 瑞芳街 Today Ruifang District
Banri village 万里庄 Today Wanli District
Kanayama village 金山庄 Today Jinshan District
Shichito village 七堵庄 Today Nuannuan District and Qidu District
Kōryō village 貢寮庄 Today Gongliao District
Sōkei village 双渓庄 Today Shuangxi District
Heikei village 平渓庄 Today Pingxi District
Kiryū town 基隆街 Upgraded to a city in 1924. Today Keelung
Tōi village 頭囲庄 Today Toucheng Township
Shōkei village 礁渓庄 Today Jiaoxi Township
Sōi village 壮囲庄 Today Zhuangwei Township
Inzan village 員山庄 Today Yuanshan Township
Giran town 宜蘭街 Upgraded to a city in 1940. Today Yilan City
Ratō town 羅東街 Today Luodong Township
Goketsu village 五結庄 Today Wujie Township
Sansei village 三星庄 Today Sanxing Township
Fuyuyama village 冬山庄 Today Dongshan Township
Aboriginal Area 蕃地 Today Datong Township
Suō town 蘇澳街 Today Su'ao Township
Aboriginal Area 蕃地 Today Nan'ao Township

Buildings and establishments



Courthouses in 1945 (Shōwa 20)


Penitentiaries in 1932 (Shōwa 7)

Police stations

Police stations in 1945 (Shōwa 20)

Customs houses

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Monopoly bureaux

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Weather stations

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Shintō shrines

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National Parks

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Forest management

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Designated roads in 1939 (Shōwa 14)


Open ports in 1938 (Shōwa 13)


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Notable people

List of notable people born in, or who grew up or were active in Taihoku Prefecture during Japanese rule.

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