Taipei Arena

Taipei Metro
Taipei metro station
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese台北小巨蛋
General information
Location10-1 Sec 4 Nanjing E Rd
Songshan District, Taipei
Coordinates25°03′06″N 121°33′07″E / 25.0517°N 121.5519°E / 25.0517; 121.5519Coordinates: 25°03′06″N 121°33′07″E / 25.0517°N 121.5519°E / 25.0517; 121.5519
Structure typeUnderground
Bicycle facilitiesAccess available
Other information
Station codeG17
201715.921 million per year[2]Increase 6.9%
Rank(Ranked 36th of 109)
Preceding station Taipei Metro Logo(Logo Only).svg Taipei Metro Following station
Nanjing Fuxing Songshan–Xindian line Nanjing Sanmin
towards Songshan

Taipei Arena (Chinese: 台北小巨蛋; pinyin: Táiběi Xiǎojùdàn) is a metro station in Taipei, Taiwan served by Taipei Metro. The station opened on 15 November 2014.

Station overview

This three-level, underground station has an island platform. It is located beneath Nanjing East Rd. to the west of Beining Rd.[3] It opened in November 2014 with the opening of the Songshan Line.[4]

Originally, the station was to be named "Taipei Stadium Station". However, the area was renamed to "Taipei City Sports Park", no longer using the original station name. Thus, on 22 July 2011, the Department of Rapid Transit Systems announced that the station would be renamed to Taipei Arena station, using Taipei Arena to signify the park.[5]


Excavation depth for this station is around 26 m (85 ft). It is 219 m (719 ft) in length and 21 m (69 ft) wide. It has five exits, two vent shafts, and two accessibility elevators.[3]

Public Art

The theme for this station is "Energy, Movement, Light, Tracks".[3] The design aims to reflect the station's liveliness, spirit, and power. It has public art designs.

Station layout

Street Level Exit Taipei Arena
B1 Concourse Lobby, information desk, automatic ticket dispensing machines, one-way faregates
B2 Platform 1 Taipei Metro Line G.svg Songshan–Xindian Line toward Songshan (G18 Nanjing Sanmin)
Island platform, doors will open on the left
Platform 2 Taipei Metro Line G.svg Songshan–Xindian Line toward Xindian / Taipower Building (G16 Nanjing Fuxing)

Around the station


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