Takahashi River
Takahashi River near Kiyone Station in Okayama Prefecture
Physical characteristics
 • locationOkayama Prefecture, with tributaries in Hiroshima Prefecture
 • elevation1,188 m (3,898 ft)
 • location
Inland Sea
 • elevation
0 m (0 ft)
Length111 km (69 mi)
Basin size2,670 km2 (1,031 sq mi)
 • average63.93 m3/s (2,258 cu ft/s)

The Takahashi River (高梁川, Takahashi-gawa) is a Class A[1] major river[2] in the western part of Okayama Prefecture. It acts as the main drainage for the Takahashi River Drainage System, and is one of the three main drainage rivers in Okayama Prefecture (the others being the Yoshii River and the Asahi River).


The Takahashi River originates from Akechi Pass near Hanamiyama in Tottori Prefecture, 1,188 m (3,898 ft) above sea level. It flows through the cities of Niimi, Takahashi, Sōja, and Kurashiki, eventually flowing into the Mizushimanada area of the Inland Sea. The mouth is located between the Mizushima and Tamashima areas of Kurashiki. Reconstruction and repairs in 1907 created the eastern and western branches of the Takahashi River.

Major tributaries


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