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Tangowali (Punjabi, Urdu: ٹانگووالی[1]) is a village in Sargodha District of Punjab, Pakistan.[2] Its full name is Chak No. 17-S.B. It is situated in Sargodha, about 18 kilometers east of Sargodha District near by Kot Moman Road Sargodha. It is about 102 miles (or 164 km) to Islamabad in south, the country's capital town. This village recently become the most active and social media village of Sargodha region by getting 25,000+ SUBSCRIBERS on YouTube[3] by getting the help from most leading service group in the village.


Tangowali which is commonly known as Tangowali or more famously "Kalyaran da Pind". Shepherding animals was the occupation adopted by the Tangowali people. The word "tango" means shepherding in the Punjabi language.

Educational institutions


As per the 1998 census of Pakistan, 95 per cent of the villagers speak the Punjabi. Inhabitants of Tangowali speak a variety of Punjabi dialects, such as Majhi. Urdu is the mother language of few people, but as it is the national language, it is spoken and understood by most of the population.


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