Tanya Colleen DePass
Born1973 (age 48–49)
Years active2014–present

Tanya DePass, also known by her username Cypheroftyr, is an American journalist, activist and streamer. She is the founder of the non-profit organization I Need Diverse Games, which she established in 2016.


DePass was a fan of tabletop and video games from her early childhood.[1] She has written articles on topics of diversity, feminism, and race, for publications including Polygon and Vice,[1] and provides diversity consultation services to game development studios and organizations.[1] She is the programming & diversity coordinator for OrcaCon and GaymerX.[2] DePass is the editor of Game Devs & Others: Tales from the Margins (2018), an anthology of essays from games industry professionals and players who felt marginalized by the industry.[1][3] Additionally, she is a 2020 Annenberg Innovation Lab Civic Media Fellow at USC.[4]

DePass is the co-developer for the Fifth Season RPG, based on N. K. Jemisin's Broken Earth trilogy (2020).[5] Her work has been featured in the Victoria and Albert Museum's Design/Play/Disrupt exhibit.[1]

Online, DePass goes by the username Cypheroftyr.[6] She is a streamer on Twitch, where she has faced harassment.[7] In 2020, during the George Floyd protests, DePass ran a charity stream to raise funds for The Bail Project—the stream raised over $140,000 USD in a single day.[8]

She also plays Dungeons & Dragons in the Rivals of Waterdeep actual play livestream, which features a cast of people of color.[9][10] The show began in 2018 in Chicago as an official Wizards of the Coast production, broadcast on the official Dungeons & Dragons Twitch channel.[11] She is also the creative director of the Cortex actual play series Into the Mother Lands.[12]

Fireside Magazine, for which DePass was the special features editor, was nominated for a Hugo Award for Best Semiprozine in 2019.[13] In 2020, the Diana Jones Award was devoted to "Black Excellence in Gaming", with the committee awarding two dozen black people in the industry specifically, including DePass.[14] Kotaku named DePass one of their 4 "Gamers of the Year" for 2020.[15]

In 2021, DePass became a player in The Black Dice Society, a Ravenloft themed Dungeons & Dragons actual play show on the official Wizards of the Coast channels.[16][17]

Her work to make the industry more inclusive has been highlighted in Game Changer, Directed by Tina Charles,[18] https://pressreality.com/2021/06/17/tina-charles-knows-the-importance-of-representation/[19]WNBA star & olympian as well as filmmaker. The short documentary premiered at Tribeca 2021, as part of the Queen Collective; an initiative started by Queen Latifah, supported by Proctor & Gamble in an effort to get more Black women into filmmaking. [20] was also featured as part of BETHer’s 2021 Juneteenth Programming on 19 June 2021.

I Need Diverse Games

In 2014, DePass used the hashtag #INeedDiverseGames while responding to a statement from Ubisoft claiming that it would not be feasible to animate female characters for the upcoming Assassin's Creed game.[1][21] DePass has said she is "sick of games where I don't get to be the hero".[22] Despite pre-dating the controversy, the hashtag became particularly popular during the Gamergate harassment campaign, when it was one of several used in anti-Gamergate tweets. Tweets using the hashtag were primarily those sharing positive messages about a desire for increased diversity and broader representation in video games.[23]

DePass founded a non-profit using the name I Need Diverse Games in August 2016.[1][21][24] The organization, based in Chicago,[21] aims to support visibility and access for underrepresented people within the video games industry, and is funded through Patreon and fundraising campaigns.[21] One of the organization's initiatives is to provide financial support and passes to video game conferences such as the Game Developers Conference.[21] As of 2020, I Need Diverse Games was sending about two dozen people to the Game Developers Conference each year.[25] The organization also runs seminars on diversity at other games industry events, and highlights the work of underrepresented people.[1][25]


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