The Tassie Medal was awarded to the outstanding player at each Australian rules football Interstate Carnival or Australian interstate championship series held between 1937 and 1988 with the exception of the 1975 knock-out series.[1]

The medal is named after Eric Tassie who was a South Australian football administrator who served with distinction on the Australian National Football Council.

Unlike with many other such awards, for example the Brownlow Medal, the word 'fairest' was never included in the description, meaning that reported players remained eligible to receive it.

Due to the demise of State of Origin football there hasn't been a carnival since 1988 hence the reason the award has not since been presented.

Tassie Medal Winners

Year Winner Team
1937 Deverick John (Mick) Cronin Western Australia
1947 Les McClements Western Australia
tie Bob Furler Australian Capital Territory
1950 Terry Cashion Tasmania
1953 Merv McIntosh Western Australia
1956 Graham Farmer Western Australia
1958 Allen Aylett Victoria
tie Ted Whitten Senior Victoria[3]
1961 Brian Dixon Victoria
1966 Barry Cable Western Australia
1969 Peter Eakins Western Australia
tie Graham Molloy South Australia
1972 Ken McAullay Western Australia
1979 Brian Peake Western Australia
1980 Graham Cornes South Australia
1983 Stephen Michael Western Australia
1984 Brad Hardie Western Australia
1985 Dale Weightman Victoria
1986 Brad Hardie Western Australia
1987 Mark Naley South Australia
1988 Paul Salmon Victoria

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