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Tazawako Line
Tazawako 701-5000 Morioka 20070310.jpg
Native name田沢湖線
LocaleIwate, Akita prefectures
TypeHeavy rail
Operator(s)JR East
Rolling stock701 series
Opened25 June 1921 (1921-06-25)
Line length75.6 km (47.0 mi)
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8+12 in)
Electrification20,000 V AC, 50 Hz overhead catenary
Operating speed130 km/h (80 mph)
Route map
JR Tazawako Line linemap.svg

The Tazawako Line (田沢湖線, Tazawako-sen) is a railway line operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East) connecting Morioka Station in Morioka, Iwate and Ōmagari Station in Daisen, Akita, Japan.

Akita Shinkansen Komachi trains travel over the line, which was regauged in 1997 from 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in) to 1,435 mm (4 ft 8+12 in).


The section from Morioka to Shizukuishi opened on 25 June 1921, as the Hashiba Light Railway (橋場軽便), and was extended to Hashiba on 2 September 1922.[1] Services to Hashiba Station ended in the 1940s.

In 1964, the Shizukuishi to Akabuchi section opened, and upon completion of the 3,915 m (2.433 mi) Sengan Tunnel, the Akabuchi to Tazawako section opened on 20 October 1966, completing the line.[1]

Freight services ceased in 1982, the year the entire line was electrified.[citation needed]

In 1997, the line was converted to 1,435 mm (4 ft 8+12 in) gauge, and became part of the Akita Shinkansen, with standard-gauge electric multiple unit (EMU) trains providing local services on the line.

Station list

Akita Shinkansen Komachi trains stop at stations marked "●".

Station Japanese Distance (km)
from Morioka
Komachi Transfers   Location
Morioka 盛岡 0.0 Akita Shinkansen, Tohoku Shinkansen, Tohoku Main Line, Yamada Line
Iwate Galaxy Railway Line
v Morioka Iwate
Ōkama 大釜 6.0   Takizawa
Koiwai 小岩井 10.5  
Shizukuishi 雫石 16.0   Shizukuishi
Harukiba 春木場 18.7  
Akabuchi 赤渕 22.0  
Tazawako 田沢湖 40.1   Senboku Akita
Sashimaki 刺巻 44.4  
Jindai 神代 52.8  
Shōden 生田 55.3  
Kakunodate 角館 58.8 Akita Nairiku Jūkan Railway Akita Nairiku Line
Uguisuno 鶯野 61.6   Daisen
Ugo-Nagano 羽後長野 64.6  
Yariminai 鑓見内 67.9  
Ugo-Yotsuya 羽後四ツ屋 70.2  
Kita-Ōmagari 北大曲 72.0  
Ōmagari 大曲 75.6 Ōu Main Line, Akita Shinkansen (for Akita) ^
Passing loops

Future plans

In January 2022 it was announced that a new Maegata Station would be added between Morioka Station and Ōkama Station.[2] It is projected to begin operation in March 2023.


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