About these coordinates     Color coordinates
Hex triplet#008080
HSV       (h, s, v)(180°, 100%, 50[1]%)
sRGBB  (rgb)(0, 128, 128)
ISCC–NBS descriptorModerate bluish green
B: Normalized to [0–255] (byte)
Teal as a tertiary color
Teal iceberg
Teal iceberg
Green-winged teal (male) N. America
Green-winged teal (male) N. America

Teal is a cyan-green color. Its name comes from that of a bird — the Eurasian teal (Anas crecca) — which presents a similarly colored stripe on its head. The word is often used colloquially to refer to shades of cyan in general.

It can be created by mixing cyan into a green base, or deepened as needed with black or gray.[3] The complementary color of teal is maroon.[4] It is also one of the first group of 16 HTML/CSS web colors formulated in 1987. In the RGB model used to create colors on computer screens and televisions, teal is created by reducing the brightness of cyan to about one half.

Teal was a fad color during the 1990s, with, among others, many sports teams adopting the color for their uniforms.[5][6]


The first recorded use of teal as a color name in English was in 1917.[7] It is derived from the Middle English tele, a word akin to the Dutch taling and the Middle Low German telink.[8] As a color, its name is believed to have been taken from the small freshwater common teal, a member of the duck family whose eyes are surrounded by this color.[8]


Teal blue

Teal blue
About these coordinates     Color coordinates
Hex triplet#367588
HSV       (h, s, v)(194°, 60%, 53%)
sRGBB  (rgb)(54, 117, 136)
SourceKelly & Judd (1976)[9]
ISCC–NBS descriptorModerate greenish blue
B: Normalized to [0–255] (byte)
H: Normalized to [0–100] (hundred)

Teal blue is a medium tone of teal with more blue. The first recorded use of teal blue as a color name in English was in 1927.[7]: p. 101, plate 39, color sample L6 

The source of this color is the Plochere Color System, a color system formulated in 1948 that is widely used by interior designers. Teal was subsequently a heavily used color in the 1950s and 1960s.[10]

Teal blue is also the name of a Crayola crayon color (color #113) from 1990 to 2003.

Teal green

Teal green
About these coordinates     Color coordinates
Hex triplet#264B56
HSV       (h, s, v)(194°, 56%, 34%)
sRGBB  (rgb)(38, 75, 86)
SourceKelly & Judd (1976)[9]
ISCC–NBS descriptorModerate greenish blue
B: Normalized to [0–255] (byte)
H: Normalized to [0–100] (hundred)

Teal green is a darker shade of teal with more green. It is a variable color averaging a dark bluish green that is green, darker, and stronger than invisible green or pine tree.[11]

Teal green is most closely related to the Crayola crayon color Deep Space Sparkle.

In culture

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As noted elsewhere, TEAL is also an acronym for the forerunner of Air New Zealand, who used teal as their airline’s signature color; it appeared not just on plane livery but promotional material and airline bags. When New Zealanders refer to ‘teal green,’ they are more likely referring to the airline color than the bird’s color. And it may not be a coincidence that the acronym for Tasman Empire Airways Limited is the name of a bird.
Rapid transit
Teal is the official color of Kochi Metro, the rapid transit system serving the city of Kochi in India.
A Teal organisation is an emerging organisational paradigm.
The "orange and teal look" is a trend in 21st-century filmmaking, in which scenes are color graded to emphasize these two complementary colors.[13]
TV series
The Wives of Commanders in The Handmaid's Tale (TV series) wear teal.
The Hermit Intercessors of the Lamb, a Christian contemplation group in the state of Nebraska, wears habits with a teal scapular to symbolize intercession between heaven (blue) and earth. Originally organized as a Roman Catholic association, it was suppressed in 2010 by the Archbishop of Omaha, who directed members to cease wearing the scapular in Church activities.
Art History
Green pigments for paints and fabric dyes were difficult to obtain from nature in the past, thus they were rarely employed in clothes or heraldic emblems. While green may have been blended with blue and yellow paints, mixing dissimilar substances was frowned upon due to suspicion of alchemy. Only during the early Renaissance did the superstitious custom fade away, and in the late eighteenth century, the German Swedish scientist Carl Wilhelm Scheele found new copper greens.[14]
Issue awareness
Teal is the color of ovarian cancer awareness. Ovarian cancer survivors and supporters may wear teal ribbons, bracelets, T-shirts, and hats to bring public attention to the disease.[15][16]

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