Team Spain
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ColorsRed, yellow
Head coachSmärta Dolores
Lobo cop
ManagerDaisy Dioxin

Team Spain Roller Derby or the Spanish Roller Derby National Team represents Spain in international roller derby competitions such as the Roller Derby World Cup. It was created in 2013 with the goal of competing at the 2014 Roller Derby World Cup, which it did, December 4 to 7 in Dallas, Texas.


Team Spain was created in June 2013, through the initiative of the skaters themselves, who desired to create a national team to compete internationally with Spain's first-ever national roller derby squad. The project began with the creation of a work group who selected Daisy Dioxin and Ref Judge Fred as Bench Staff.[citation needed] Shortly after, a first round of tryouts was held in December 16 to 18, 2013 in Madrid, Tenerife and Barcelona, which was attended by a total of 52 skaters.[citation needed] Additionally, video applications were submitted. A total of 35 skaters were selected to comprise the initial squad.[citation needed]


This initial roster comprised 11 skaters from Barcelona Roller Derby, 10 from Tenerife Roller Derby, two from Black Thunders Derby Dames (Madrid), two from London Rollergirls, as well as one each from Alcoy Roller Derby, Dutchland Rollers, Garden State Rollergirls, Lisboa Roller Derby Troopers, Manchester Roller Derby, Rayo Dockers Valencia, Roller Derby Cáceres, Roller Derby Madrid, Toronto Roller Derby and Zaragoza Roller Derby.

2018 Roller Derby World Cup roster

The following skaters were on the final roster for the 2018 Roller Derby World Cup in Manchester, England:

Number Name League
0 Syntaxe Error SAM Roller Derby
011 Darth Eider Barcelona Roller Derby
10 Caperu Barcelona Roller Derby
111 Esther Arocha London Roller Derby
15 Furia Poligonera Roller Derby Madrid
20 Mattie Rainy City Roller Derby
22 Sherry Bomb Tenerife Roller Derby
247 Mia Palau Rose City Rollers
3 Bee'Cha Oslo Roller Derby
301 MiniRoss London Roller Derby
314 Stacy Malibú Barcelona Roller Derby
333 Clara Despistes Roller Derby Madrid
50 Snow Black Brussels Derby Pixies
517 Iron D. Doll Roller Derby Cáceres
52 Bambi Killer Roller Derby Madrid Captain
63 Perra Peligro Rainy City Roller Derby
718 Allie Ollie Roller Derby Madrid
78 Hija de Odín Roller Derby Cáceres Captain
86 Hawaii Roller Derby Madrid
877 Mari Quita Roller Derby Madrid

In 2018, bench staff for Spain were La Justicia (Bench Coach), Lola Vulkano (Lineup Manager) and Elle Visse (Mirror Bench Coach).[1]

2014 World Cup roster

The team were coached by Daisy Dioxin of London Rollergirls and Smarta of Crime City Rollers.[2]

The following skaters were on the final roster for the 2014 Roller Derby World Cup in Dallas, Texas:[3]

Number Name League
4 Angry Kris Tenerife Roller Derby
52 Bambi Killer Black Thunders Derby Dames
72 Cookie Monster Tenerife Roller Derby
8 Dadá Tenerife Roller Derby
111 Esther Arocha (Lady Go-Go) London Rollergirls Captain
0 Gata Cegata Barcelona Roller Derby
78 Hija de Odín RD Cáceres – Destroyer Dolls
911 Jackie The Ripper Tenerife Roller Derby
11 Juan Sin Miedo Tenerife Roller Derby
12 Mercromina Tenerife Roller Derby
83 La Mano Barcelona Roller Derby
19 Lola Vulkano London Rollergirls
23 Maggie Love Barcelona Roller Derby
25 Malicia Tenerife Roller Derby
301 MiniRoss Tenerife Roller Derby
17 Pólvora Barcelona Roller Derby
10 Angry Beaver Garden State Rollergirls
22 Sherry Bomb Tenerife Roller Derby
314 Stacy Malibú Barcelona Roller Derby
77 Teremoto Crime City Rollers
247 Violent Femme Barcelona Roller Derby Vice-Captain

The following skaters made the initial training roster, but not the final roster which went to Dallas:

Number Name League
39 Ave Fénix Barcelona Roller Derby
7D9 Artrosix Black Thunders Derby Dames
93 Bad Milk Barcelona Roller Derby
10 Bam-Bam Tenerife Roller Derby
10 Caperucita Terror Barcelona Roller Derby
3 Crispeta Barcelona Roller Derby
77 Dale Caña Barcelona Roller Derby
5 Duendenator Manchester Roller Derby
33 Lethal Kath Roller Derby Madrid
13 Mala Yerba Alcoy Roller Derby
12 Killer Queen Rayo Dockers Valencia
78 Momotombo Lisboa Roller Derby Troopers
23 Maggie Love Barcelona Roller Derby
1331 Monster-Rat Barcelona Roller Derby
1285 Slamureye Toronto Roller Derby
1834 The Spanish Incollision Dutchland Rollers
6 6shei6 Zaragoza Roller Derby


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