Native toIndonesia
RegionNew Guinea
Native speakers
220 (2005)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3dmu

Tebi, also known by the village name Dubu, is a Western Pauwasi language of West New Guinea. It is spoken in Affi, Dubu, and Jembatan Web villages of Keerom Regency. It is mostly used by older adults.

A survey report has been carried out by Im (2005).[2]

Basic vocabulary

Below are some basic vocabulary words in Tebi.[3]

Tebi basic vocabulary
‘I’ na
‘you (sg)’ fro
‘we’ numu
‘belly’ dialə
‘bird’ olmu
‘black’ təŋəra
‘blood’ təri
‘breast’ mamu
‘come’ kəlawai
‘eat’ ne
‘eye’ ei
‘foot’ puŋwa
‘give’ taʔa
‘good’ pani
‘hand’ təro
‘head’ məndini
‘hear’ fei
‘louse’ mi
‘man’ toŋkwar
‘mosquito’ mimi
‘name’ kini
‘road’ fiaʔa
‘root’ periŋgu
‘sand’ tədən
‘tooth’ kle
‘tree’ weyalgi
‘water’ ai
‘who’ mate
‘one’ kərowali
‘two’ kre


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