Technikum is an institute of vocational education in some parts of Europe.

It is a mass-education institution of "special middle education" category 1 step higher than PTU, but aimed to train low and middle level (depending on profile) industrial managers, foremen, coordinators, technical supervisors etc. or specializing in occupations that require skills more advanced than purely manual labor, especially in high-tech occupations (such as electronics). After graduation from a technikum/college, a student may apply to an institution of higher learning (i.e. university) as a freshman.


A student finishing the 8th year of compulsory education has to choose between three types of schools:

People who have completed a technikum and passed the final exams (organized by an external, state unit - Centralna Komisja Egzaminacyjna - Central Examination Board) in their profession obtain a title consisting of the word technik and the profession they have learnt (for example technik elektryk - electrical industry technician), where the word technician (technik) cannot be used by those who finished three-year vocational school. Their title contains only the name of profession, for example elektryk (electrician).

Examples (in alphabetical order):