Tecno brega or technobrega (technotacky) is a form of music from northern Brazil, particularly Belém, Pará.[1] Music of the genre is created primarily through remixing and reworking songs from popular music and music from the eighties.[2] While there is a large amount of famous music used in tecno brega, the majority of it is original material (80%).[2] Several DJs and music producers from the tecno brega movement were featured in the peer-to-peer filesharing documentary Good Copy Bad Copy.[3]

Production and distribution

The music is created by producers in makeshift studios, whether in bedrooms or other unused spaces. Rather than being sold in a traditional CD format, techno brega is characterized by new distribution methods. Rather than selling a CD in a store, tecno brega CDs are sold for a minimal price (averaging US$1.50)[4] by street vendors, who often make the actual CDs themselves.[4] Often producing their music with little concern for copyright, the music is "born free".[4] The street vendor is then in charge of making more copies and using the CDs as advertisements.[2] These advertisements are for large reggae sound systems style parties, very similar to a rave. It is at these concerts that producers will make money, whether by entrance fees or by selling CDs produced that night from live music.

Sound system parties

The sound systems themselves become a competitive point, encouraging producers to have the most up to date electronic equipment. They may attract as many as 12,000–15, 000 people to a show. With typical attendance, they may sell an average of 77 CDs and 53 DVDs after a performance.[2] At these shows a performer may also do "shout outs" to friends, family, or neighborhoods, making the CDs more valuable to the audience.[4] Shout outs can also be bought by pre-purchasing a CD of the concert prior to the beginning of the show.[1] A performance can earn the performer on average R$2,200 (approx. US$1250 as of March 2012) a show.[2]

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