Kelp forest off the coast of Tasmania, Australia
Kelp forest off the coast of Tasmania, Australia

Temperate Australasia is a biogeographic region of the Earth's seas, comprising the temperate and subtropical waters of Australia and New Zealand, including both the Indian Ocean and Pacific coasts of the continent and adjacent islands.

Temperate Australasia is a marine realm, one of the great biogeographic divisions of the world's ocean basins.

Temperate Australasia encompasses the western, southern, and southeastern coasts of Australia, and Tasmania. The tropical waters of northern Australia are part of the Central Indo-Pacific marine realm. Temperate Australasia includes New Zealand's North and South Islands, the Kermadec Islands, Chatham Island, and Snares Island. The rest of New Zealand's subantarctic islands are part of the Southern Ocean realm.[1]


The Temperate Australasia realm is divided into five marine provinces. The provinces are divided into marine ecoregions.[1]


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