Resolves a soft category redirect.

It takes one parameter, which is the name of a category. It returns that category name, unless the category exists and is a ((category redirect)) ... when it returns the name of the redirect target.


((Resolve category redirect|categoryname))


Category exists and is not redirected
Category exists and is a soft redirect
Category:Mosques completed in the 19th century
Category exists and is a soft redirect
Non-existent category
Category:Colourless green things


Do not use templates in the target name.

((Resolve category redirect)) cannot expand any templates in the target name, and the { character caused crashes (as did } and !). So it does not attempt to resolve any redirect where the target includes those characters.


Avoiding deletion of the redirected page

If the parameter |keep=yes is included in the category redirect, this hides a speedy deletion button that is otherwise displayed to administrators.

It is helpful to also add ((R from category navigation)) to indicate that the redirect is required for navigation between category pages. See that template page for full syntax.

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