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Inclusion criteria

This template includes only countries with a final decision regarding same-sex unions for a full jurisdiction (country/territory/state). If individual registries or judges decide to allow marriages, those jurisdictions are not included here.

For example,

  • For England and Wales, we only included same-sex marriage after the bill received royal assent, i.e. it was signed by the Queen after being approved by the House of Lords and the House of Commons. Similarly, republics where an executive's signature (e.g., a president or governor's signature) is required, the jurisdiction will only be added after the official(s) signs.

If you think that a change is warranted, it is advisable to first change the corresponding article with reliable sources, or suggest the change (with sources) on the talk page. Changes without sources are much more likely to be reverted.


  • Changes to this template may not show up immediately in various articles due to server caching. You can bypass this by purging the server cache while on an article page. For quick access to purging functions, activate the UTC live clock or Purge tab gadgets in your preferences.

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