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Pitcher and Catcher[edit]

I've pitched in Pitcher and Catcher in the 'by type' section of 'Defensive players' even though 'Battery' was already there, and have moved 'Battery' to the 'Related' section. I've done this because I just added a 'Catcher' section to the Major League Baseball All-Century Team template, and moved Johnny Bench and Yogi Berra from 'Infielders' to this new 'Catcher' section. Now, according to this template, I should have changed the section title 'Pitchers' to 'Battery' and moved Bench and Berra into the section formerly called 'Pitchers'. I don't think that would fly with 21st century wings. Nah, Berra and Bench should have their own section, 'Catchers', for they are separate from infielders and pitchers alike. And if the term 'Battery' isn't used on that template, which I think looks much better with the catchers section added, maybe it should be worked differently into this one. My two cents are thusly offered. What do baseball and other editors think? Randy Kryn 2:20 30 September, 2014 (UTC)