Best contents for navigation of Florida Gators football

Recent links to content has been deleted from this navbox. What wikilinks to Florida Gators football would provide the reader with the best knowledge and understanding of this topic and what is the most appropriate layout?

Here are some questions in an attempt to achieve a WP:Consensus on providing the best navigation tool for articles related to Florida Gators football.

What category sections are most appropriate? Would the addition of links to selected championship or notable seasons be more likely to navigate a reader to a better understanding of the topic? For Florida, this could include the creation of a "Championship seasons" category with placement of both National Championships and, perhaps, SEC Championships. However, to avoid repeating links, this may forgo the listing of all seasons (is it wise or prudent to avoid repeating links in this case?). To avoid that, these individual year links to specific sections in the lists could be made more concise with replacement of dozens of section links with direct links to the individual decade season list articles. What makes sense here, not that one necessarily precludes another, or perhaps some combination is appropriate? Thoughts?

With that said, are section specific links to the same list article appropriate based on the current discussion at WP:CFB in regards to trophies? This was cited as a reason to delete the section specific links to the main Florida Gator football article's sections on Heisman winners and Hall of Fame Members, which seems a bit out of context of that discussion, but such reasoning would then seem to apply to the individual lists of seasons that still remain.

If Heisman trophies winners from UF are closely related to the topic, and they seem to be, and would help to provide and understanding of the topic, should they be included individually? It would seem Spurrier and Tebow, specifically, are very important historically and popularly, respectively, to the topic of Florida Gator Football. For instance, they could be individual linked under people as " • Heisman winners: Spurrier • Weurffel • Tebow" or under their own category.

Is Florida Cup, which is currently a repeated link, appropriate in the navbox as is. Should it be listed separate instead of in parenthesis?

Is the category of "Bowls & rivalries" confusing? The rivals could be confused as bowl opponents since not everyone using this navbox will be at all familiar with college football, Florida or bowls to begin with.

Are venues best placed at the top of the navbox for Florida (thus giving the most prominent place in the navbox to stadiums)?

Would the navbox benefit from links to the current season and head coach or other articles that provide the reader with an understanding of the most recent contemporary aspects of the program?

What else might be missing from the navbox and what might be overemphasized for an understanding of Florida Gators football in the navbox? Should we create sandbox versions to flesh out the best Florida Gators football navbox design? CrazyPaco (talk) 06:02, 6 March 2013 (UTC)[reply]