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Should "notable people" be split into two seperate lists; promoters and performers?[edit]

@Czello: @Mt.FijiBoiz: @Dustin5StarMemphisoYeah0:

Currently the "Notable People" section is already formatted so that all promoters are at the top and all performers are at the bottom. As this list is already the most populated section, one could argue it could benefit from formalising that division and splitting them into two lists. Do you agree or disagree?

I think the only issue, if we did divide it, would be individuals such as Paul Levesque/Triple H, Jeff Jarrett, Atsushi Onita, Giant Baba etc who are/were both notable performers and promoters. If we split the "Notable people" list into two lists, should those individuals be listed in both lists, or just the category that was considered their "primary" one? CeltBrowne (talk) 23:16, 26 December 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

While I initially thought that the "Notable people" section was best organized by promoters/bookers on top and in-ring performers on the bottom, I am starting to think otherwise. In my opinion, there is too much overlap between the two categories to split the section into two or even continue to organize the currently existing unified section in the manner of placing promoters/bookers on top and in-ring performers on bottom. I think it would be best to keep one "Notable people" section but organize it by alphabetical order. Dustin5StarMemphisoYeah0 17:58, 27 December 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Even though it leaves room open for bickering, I feel like chronological is better for the Notable people section than alphabetical. I've tested/previewed how it looks alphabetical and I find it jumbled and difficult to parse.
Keeping the status quo is fine, but I'd still be interested to hear the thoughts of the other two pinged users, who may currently be unavailable due to the time of year. CeltBrowne (talk) 01:22, 28 December 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
I agree that chronological order is the best way to organize the section, rather than alphabetically. But I think we should remove the distinction between promoters and wrestlers. Right now Ed Lewis is separated from Billy Sandow and Toots Mondt, despite all three being members of the highly influential Gold Dust Trio. This separation seems to be because Lewis was primarily a wrestler and Sandow and Toots were primarily promoters, but Lewis did promote and both Sandow and Toots wrestled. The separation makes no sense to me. Mt.FijiBoiz (talk) 17:26, 28 December 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Yeah, I agree with the removal of the distinctions - there's too much cross-overs between the various roles in the professional wrestling industry to try to make distinctions between various roles. Also the consensus amongst the active editors of the editors to arrange by chronological order instead of alphabetical order. I'll edit the template to reflect the consensus. Dustin5StarMemphisoYeah0 (talk) 21:53, 31 December 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]