Bahasak Temuan
Native toMalaysia
Regioncentral and southern Peninsular Malaysia
Native speakers
23,000 (2008)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3tmw

Temuan language (Temuan: Benua, Bual Uwang Hutarn, bual Mutan, Niap, Bahasak Temuan, Malay: Bahasa Temuan) is a Malayic language (part of the Austronesian language family) spoken by the Temuan people, one of the Orang Asli or indigenous peoples of Peninsular Malaysia which can be found in the states of Selangor, Pahang, Johor, Malacca and Negeri Sembilan. Temuan is a separate language but has a degree of mutual intelligibility with the Malay language. It is written in a Latin alphabet, but no standard orthography has been made.

Examples of Temuan words:-

English Malay language Temuan language
I Saya / Aku Akuk
You (casual) Kau / Awak Ajih / Ong
You (formal) Kamu Higun
Aunty Makcik / Inang[2] Inak
Uncle Pakcik / Mamak[3] Mamak
Bad Buruk / Jahat Barap / Nyap Elok / Nyahat
No / Not Tak Nyap
Don't have Tiada Hap
Alcohol / Liquor Arak Engkem / Aii / Sukuk
Hokkien mee Mi Jalung Hokieen Mee
Smoked monkey meat Daging kera salai Pantim
Day Hari Haik
People Orang Uwang / Eang
Tell Beritahu / Khabar[4] Kaba


Temuan is divided into two major dialects namely Belandas and Mantra which differs mostly in terms of phonology and also some of the vocabulary but still mutually intelligible to one another.

Comparison between Belandas and Mantra dialects:

Sample of Temuan Belandas dialect - diak (he/she ), hajak (only), kitak (we ), tai (the end of sentence particle ).

Sample of Temuan Mantra dialect - dien (he/she), hajen (only), kiten (we ), tea (the end of sentence particle )


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