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Terberg Group B.V.
Founded1869 in Benschop, Utrecht Netherlands
Area served
Key people
George Terberg
Number of employees
about 2,500
  • Terberg Special Vehicles
  • Terberg RosRoca Group
  • Terberg Specials
  • Terberg Kinglifter
  • Terberg Techniek
  • Terberg Leasing
  • Terberg Benschop B.V.
  • Terberg DTS (UK) Ltd
  • Terberg Spezialfahrzeuge
  • Terberg Tractors Belgium
  • Terberg Middle East
  • Terberg Tractors Americas
  • Terberg Tractors Malaysia
  • Terberg Machines
  • Terberg Matec Nederland
  • Terberg Matec Belgium
  • Terberg Matec Polska
  • Dennis Eagle UK
  • Dennis Eagle Inc.
  • Ros Roca SA
  • HS Fahrzeugbau
  • Eurovoirie
  • Resitul
  • Terberg Specials Belgium
  • Terberg Specials B.V.

Terberg Group B.V. is a specialised vehicle manufacturer in Benschop, Utrecht, Netherlands building special trucks and fitting specialist equipment to other manufacturer's trucks, cars and vans.

Customers operate terminals at ports, airports and logistic centres. Other specialised vehicles are supplied to the construction, mining and tunnelling industries. Terberg heavy-duty tractors and low-entry trucks are used by all sectors. Electric tractors are available.

Headquarters are in Benschop. Headquarters for Germany are in Hamburg with branches in Bochum and Bad Rappenau.

Terberg also makes waste collection systems and truck-mounted forklifts. In the Netherlands Terberg provides financial services including leasing and rental arrangements for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Subsidiaries operate in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain and Poland as well as Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates and, in America, in Brazil and the United States.

Terberg began as blacksmiths, built carriages and after the Second World War renovated war-surplus trucks. Terberg built its first truck in 1966 using components from a variety of manufacturers. Ultimately Terberg standardised with Volvo components[1]


Terberg RosRoca Group

Terberg RosRoca Group, established in 2016, is managed from Warwick, England where Ros Roca's former subsidiary, Dennis Eagle, is located. Terberg Group holds the controlling share of Terberg RosRoca.[2]

Terberg RosRoca Group was formed by merging the Environmental division of Terberg Group and Ros Roca Environment of Spain. The components retained their trading names.[2]

When the merger was arranged Terberg RosRoca Group had 1,300 employees around the world and annual turnover of €385 million. There were production plants in the UK, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Brazil and China.[2]

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