Teriʻimaevarua III
Queen of Bora Bora
Reign12 February 1873 – 21 September 1895
PredecessorTeriimaevarua II
SuccessorFrench Third Republic
Born(1871-05-28)28 May 1871
Died19 November 1932(1932-11-19) (aged 61)
Papeete, Tahiti
SpouseHinoi Pōmare
IssueRehurehu Tuheiava (adoptive)
Itia Tuheiava (adoptive)
Ariʻi ʻOtare Teriʻimaevarua III
HouseHouse of Pōmare
FatherTamatoa V
MotherMoe a Maʻi

Ari'i-ʻOtare Teriʻi-maeva-rua III Pomare (28 May 1871 – 19 November 1932) was the last Queen of the Tahitian island of Bora Bora from 1873 to 1895.[1]

The second daughter of Prince Tamatoa-a-tu (Tamatoa V), King of Raʻiātea and Tahaʻa and Princess Moe-a-Mai, Ariʻi-ʻOtare became the Queen of Bora Bora on the death of her aunt Princess Teriimaevarua II, Queen of Bora Bora.[2] She married Prince Teri'i Hinoi-a-tua Pomare, chief of Hitia'a in Bora Bora on 9 January 1884 and was divorced in 1887. Ari'i-'Otare produced no children of her own. She adopted her two younger step daughters; Princess Rehu-rehu Tuheiava and Princess Itia Tuheiava.[citation needed] She also adopted and raised her biological nephew Moeterauri "Bimbo" Tetua who was born September 14, 1916.

Bora Bora was annexed by the French on 17 April 1888,[3] but royal power remained in effect until 1895, when Teriimaevarua III was replaced by a French vice-resident.[4]: 211  She remained the head of the royal house of Bora Bora until her death.[5]


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Regnal titles Preceded byTeriimaevarua II Queen of Bora Bora 1873–1895 Succeeded byFrench Third Republic