Coordinates: 28°02′55″N 75°10′32″E / 28.04853814°N 75.17564483°E / 28.04853814; 75.17564483

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Tetara is a village in Rajasthan, India, situated 1 km from Mandawa and 25 km from Jhunjhunu. The nearby villages of this place are in South Hanumanpura, Kisari, Meethwas, in West Mandawa, North Bajisar and East Chandrapura.


The village code as per the 2011 census of India is 00686300.

Total Population 1511
Male Population 782
Female Population 729
Total Household Number 257

Tetara village is situated near Delhi Bikaner State Highways No. 41. The village is covered by two side roads for Jhunjhunu headquarters. A link road connects both roads.

About the Place

The Thakur ji Maharaj Temple is the oldest Temple - nearly 100 years old in the heart of the village where Lord Krishna with Radha Rani is blessing to the citizens. The another newly built big temple of Shri Balaji Maharaj is also the main attraction of the village. The Village is favorite destinations of Bollywood Filmmakers. The shooting of major parts of Blockbuster movies like PK"PK", Bajarangi Bhaijan has been done in this village.

Fairs and festivals

The inter - District Cricket Competition called "Godamedi Cricket Pritiyogita" will be organized on the occasion of Goga Navami. The tournament has been organized by a committee constituted for management of tournament and selected by the fellow citizens. The Student Club Student Club, Jhunjhunu is Won this year (2019). The IPLIPL Cricket Player Kulwant Khejroliya was the honored guest for this years.