The Almost Impossible Gameshow
GenreGame show
Written byThe Rubberbandits
Directed byKevin Batchelor
Narrated byThe Rubberbandits
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original languageEnglish
No. of series2
No. of episodes12
Executive producerCatherine Lynch
ProducerRichard Greenwood
EditorConnor Snedecor
Running time60 minutes (inc. adverts)
Production companyInitial
DistributorEndemol Shine Group
Original networkITV2
Picture format16:9
Original release1 October 2015 (2015-10-01) –
11 May 2016 (2016-05-11)

The Almost Impossible Gameshow is a British game show that aired on ITV2 from 1 October 2015 to 11 May 2016 and is hosted by The Rubberbandits.


Each contestant starts the contest with 50 lives, and takes on a series of games. These games are designed to be extremely difficult, hence the show's name. For each attempt that ends in failure, the contestant loses one life and must reattempt the game. The contestant can only move on to another game after one successful attempt, or after failing the game outright by making 15 failed attempts. If the contestant can successfully complete five games before running out of lives, they win a trophy; any contestant who runs out of lives is out of the game.


Games are sorted into seven zones: Tunnel, Paddock, Hill, Runway, Mud Pit, Hangar and Pool.

Zone Name Description
Tunnel Groin Croissant Contestants are given ten seconds to shake off several croissants that are stuck on various bits of their suit including on their crotch with Velcro.
Word Lick Contestants are given ten seconds to lick their way around a glass sheet containing a six-letter word whilst blindfolded and then identify the word.
Bum Magnet Contestants use a magnet in the bottom area of their suit to guide a metal disc around a vertical maze; a life is lost if the disc falls before the end.
Shock Roulette Contestants must find the one handle out of ten that won't give them an electric shock.
Shin Smash Contestants must time a jump sixteen seconds after a whistle to avoid their shins being hit by a thwacker.
Paddock Dizzy Hurdle In twenty seconds, jump over two hurdles while blindfolded and having been spun around for ten seconds.
Blind Bender Contestants have ten seconds to limbo under a pole whilst blindfolded.
Eggy Hammer Using a hammer attached to their helmet, contestants must smash five eggs, lined up at different heights, within five seconds. The egg only need be cracked.
Musical Chair Contestants have ten seconds to find a tiny chair and sit on it.
Hop and Hide Contestants have ten seconds to hop while tied while finding a place to hide.
Hill Slippy Hill Contestants must slide down a slippery hill barefoot without falling over.
Runway Enter Trouser Contestants have twenty seconds to reach and put on a pair of trousers that are hanging in the air while running on a treadmill, without falling over.
Bouncy Sprint Contestants have ten seconds to bounce across a treadmill on a space hopper.
Yum Yum Run Contestants have ten seconds to run along the treadmill and leap up to take a bite from a doughnut (or similar confection) hanging above the track.
Mud Pit Tiny Bike Contestants cycle across a narrow platform on a small bike without falling off, putting his/her feet down or unseating from the saddle.
Hangar Punch Your Own Face A cream cake is dropped from a height, contestants must punch their face and squash the cream cake at the same time.
Hat Pop Contestants, blindfolded and wearing a sombrero with a balloon on it, jumps around to bounce against the pin hanging from the ceiling and pop the balloon in ten seconds.
Cream Fling Contestants throw a cream cake into their mouth, with a ceramic bar across their wrists to limit the height of the throw.
Teabag Thrust Contestants hang a teabag between their legs and tries to catch it in a cup attached to their crotch within ten seconds.
Crotch Catch Contestants chuck an egg over a beam and has to catch it in a bowl attached to their crotch.
Rump Pump Contestants have to pump a balloon and sit/stand repeatedly until it is pumped.
Candle Scream With their head positioned through a hole in a table, contestants must pull a candle on a wheeled plate towards them using a piece of string in their mouth, and then scream the candle out.
Sweetcorn Drop Whilst wearing a pair of long arms, contestants have to pick up a kernel of sweetcorn and drop it into their mouth.
Pool Belly Flop Contestants have to belly flop on to a ball which is being spat out of a vent.
Tiny Boat Contestants must travel from one end of the pool to the other in thirty seconds using a small boat and a stirring spoon as an oar without falling out of the boat.
Wet Slippy Discs Contestants have to run across the length of the pool over a pathway of floating discs

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