The Best of Strawbs
Compilation album by
Released1978 (1978)
Recorded1971 - 1975
GenreFolk rock, progressive folk, progressive rock
LabelA&M Records
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The Best of Strawbs
Don't Say Goodbye

The Best of Strawbs is a compilation album of songs by Strawbs, with one track from the Dave Cousins solo album Two Weeks Last Summer.

Track listing

Side one

  1. "Hero and Heroine" (Dave Cousins)
  2. "Tears and Pavan"
    "Tears" (Cousins)
    "Pavan" (Richard Hudson, John Ford, Cousins)
  3. "A Glimpse of Heaven" (Cousins)
  4. "Round and Round" (Cousins)
  5. "New World" (Cousins)

Side two

  1. "Benedictus" (Cousins)
  2. "Shine on Silver Sun" (Cousins)
  3. "To Be Free" (Cousins)
  4. "Where Do You Go (When You Need a Hole to Crawl In)" (Cousins)
  5. "Autumn"
    "Heroine's Theme" (John Hawken)
    "Deep Summer's Sleep" (Cousins)
    "The Winter Long" (Cousins)

Side three

  1. "Don't Try to Change Me" (Dave Lambert)
  2. "Little Sleepy" (Lambert)
  3. "Part of the Union" (Hudson, Ford)
  4. "Song of a Sad Little Girl" (Cousins)
  5. "Down by the Sea" (Cousins)

Side four

  1. "Lay Down" (Cousins)
  2. "Heavy Disguise" (Ford)
  3. "Lemon Pie" (Cousins)
  4. "Blue Angel" (Cousins)
    "Half Worlds Apart"
    "At Rest"


Guest musicians

Recording history

Region Date Label Format Catalog Comment
United Kingdom 1978 (1978) A&M stereo 2LP AMLM 66005
United States 1978 (1978) A&M stereo 2LP SP 6005
Canada 1978 (1978) A&M stereo 2LP SP 96005