The Caesars
The Caesars DVD release.
Written byPhilip Mackie
Directed byDerek Bennett
StarringFreddie Jones
Caroline Blakiston
William Corderoy
André Morell
ComposerDerek Hilton
Country of originUK
Original languageEnglish
No. of series1
No. of episodes6
ProducerPhilip Mackie
Running time55 minutes
Production companyGranada Television
Original networkITV
Picture formatBlack-and-white 405-line 4:3
Audio formatMono
Original release22 September (1968-09-22) –
27 October 1968 (1968-10-27)

The Caesars is a British television series produced by Granada Television for the ITV network in 1968. Made in black-and-white and written and produced by Philip Mackie, it covered similar dramatic territory to the later BBC adaptation of I, Claudius, dealing with the lives of the early emperors of Ancient Rome but differed in its less sensationalist depictions of historical characters and their motives, in particular the Emperor Tiberius is portrayed much more sympathetically.

Major cast

The major cast included:

Episode list

All six episodes were written by Philip Mackie and directed by Derek Bennett.

Episode # Title Original airdate
1"Augustus"22 September 1968 (1968-09-22)
2"Germanicus"29 September 1968 (1968-09-29)
3"Tiberius"6 October 1968 (1968-10-06)
4"Sejanus"13 October 1968 (1968-10-13)
5"Caligula"20 October 1968 (1968-10-20)
6"Claudius"27 October 1968 (1968-10-27)

DVD release

The Caesars was released on DVD (Region 2, UK) by Network in April 2006.