The Clanranald Trust for Scotland's emblem
The Clanranald Trust for Scotland's emblem
Arms of Macdonald of Clanranald

The Clanranald Trust for Scotland is a recognised non-profit organisation founded in 1995 and based in Carronvalley, Scotland.[1] Its chairman is Charlie Allan.


The prime objectives of the Clanranald Trust for Scotland are the preservation and dissemination of Scottish culture and Scottish heritage through entertainment and education.



In 1995 the decision was taken recreate an original medieval village to illustrate the life and the culture of Scotland at that time. The Trust was established and the proceeds and donations taken by the various activities (see above) flow into this project; more than £400,000 has so far been made available for the construction of Duncarron. A big supporter was found[clarification needed] by the film actor Russell Crowe, a close friend of the chairman Charlie Allan.[3][4][5]