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The Columbus Post is a weekly newspaper devoted to the African-American audience of Columbus, Ohio.


The newspaper was founded in 1995 by Amos Lynch (1925–2015).[1]

Lynch was editor in chief of the Columbus edition of the Call and Post for 33 years prior to founding the Post. He had also played a founding role in the Ohio Sentinel in 1949.[2] He was inducted into the Ohio Civil Rights Hall of Fame in 2011.[3] While editor of the Call & Post, Lynch was credited with bringing down longtime mayor M. E. Sensenbrenner, with the publication of photos depicting victims of police brutality the day before the 1971 election.[4]

In 2015, more than a decade after Lynch's retirement and a few months after his death, the Post transitioned to a digital-only product, delivered by email.[5][6]


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