The English Historical Review
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  • Nandini Chatterjee
  • Stephen Conway
  • Peter Marshall
  • Jan Rüger
  • Hannah Skoda
  • Alice Taylor
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The English Historical Review is a bimonthly peer-reviewed academic journal that was established in 1886[1] and published by Oxford University Press (formerly Longman). It publishes articles on all aspects of history – British, European, and world history – since the classical era. It is the oldest surviving English language academic journal in the discipline of history.

Six issues are published each year, and typically include four articles from a broad chronological range (roughly, medieval, early modern, modern and twentieth century) and around sixty book reviews. Review Articles are commissioned by the editors. A summary of international periodical literature published in the previous twelve months is also provided, and an annual summary of editions, reference works and other materials of interest to scholars is also produced.[2]

The journal was established in 1886 by John Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron Acton, Regius professor of modern history at Cambridge, and a fellow of All Souls College, Oxford.[3] The first editor was Mandell Creighton. The current editors are Nandini Chatterjee, Stephen Conway, Peter Marshall, Jan Rüger, Hannah Skoda, and Alice Taylor.[4]

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