The Friends at the Margherita Cafe
Directed byPupi Avati
Written byPupi Avati
Produced byAntonio Avati
CinematographyPasquale Rachini
Edited byAmedeo Salfa
Music byLucio Dalla
Release date
  • April 3, 2009 (2009-04-03)
Running time
91 min

The Friends at the Margherita Cafe (Italian: Gli amici del bar Margherita, also known as The Friends of Bar Margherita) is a 2009 Italian comedy-drama film directed by Pupi Avati.[1][2]

Plot summary

Bologna, 1954. In the Margherita Cafè the young Taddeo meets a group of strange characters, led by the old Al. Al is a man who likes pretty girls, and soon Taddeo gets hired as his driver to take him to brave nights. While consume the stories of the other characters, who regularly go at the bar Margherita every day, Taddeo meets a beautiful librarian of his own age, and plans to marry her. However, the ambitions of the young Taddeo are too hasty, and so the fate repays him with a bad joke.



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