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The Invaders
GenreScience fiction, Thriller, Supernatural drama
Written byJames Parriot
Directed byPaul Shapiro
StarringScott Bakula
Elizabeth Peña
DeLane Matthews
Richard Thomas
Terence Knox
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes2
Running time175 minutes (total)
Production companySpelling Television
Original release
ReleaseNovember 12 (1995-11-12) –
November 14, 1995 (1995-11-14)

The Invaders (or The New Invaders) is a two-part television miniseries revival based on the 1967-68 original series The Invaders. Directed by Paul Shapiro, the miniseries was first aired in 1995. Scott Bakula starred as Nolan Wood, who discovers the alien conspiracy, and Roy Thinnes appears very briefly as David Vincent, now an old man handing the burden over to Wood.


Former Air Force officer Nolan Wood, an inmate in prison for manslaughter charges, meets David Vincent (from the original TV series) while both are in prison. Vincent tells Nolan a fantastic story about the alien conspiracy to control the world. Wood begins to have visions about aliens and UFOs.

Later, Wood (Bakula), now a recently released convict, is taken over by aliens. He thinks he is able to throw off their control with the help of nurse Garza (Peña). In fact the control and Wood's apparent successful resistance and visions are part of a plot by the aliens to kill a Harvard ecologist.

The aliens, which have infiltrated society, plans to cause an ecological disaster to get rid of humanity.[1]

With knowledge of their plot, Wood must save a presidential candidate on a train that is out of control [2]



The premise was used as the basis for a four-hour television miniseries on Fox. The miniseries has been released in some countries on home video, edited into a single movie. The first part aired on November 12, 1995; part 2 aired on November 14, 1995 (both in two-hour time slots).

The miniseries was in essence an extended television pilot, and there were plans for Thinnes to be a recurring character, although Bakula's participation was thought to be limited should it have made it to a series.[3]


Creature Feature gave the movie 2.5 out of five stars, finding the beginning to be promising but devolving into standard fare.


In the original broadcast version, the aliens were never shown. They do appear in subsequent airing on SYFY and on the DVD.

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