The Next Star
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Opening theme"Let's Go" by Suzie McNeil
Country of originCanada
No. of episodes96 (including Supergroups)
Running timeVaries
Production companyTricon Film & Television
Original release
ReleaseJuly 18, 2008 (2008-07-18) –
September 21, 2014 (2014-09-21)

The Next Star was a Canadian reality competition television series that was broadcast on YTV. It was hosted by Adamo Ruggiero (seasons 1–5) and Carlos Bustamante (season 6–7). The series involved a competition to find the most talented singer in Canada who is aged 15 years or younger, with the winner crowned "the next star". Winning contestants were Dunnery Bond (season 1), Tianda Flegal (season 2), Diego Gomes (season 3), Melissa "Charlie" Storwick (season 4), Brooklyn Roebuck (season 5), Alicia Moffet (season 6) and Jory Zechner (season 7).

In addition to host Adamo Ruggiero (2008–2012), the judges for the first 4 seasons (2008–2011) included Suzie McNeil, Steve Cranwell, and Christopher Ward. The subsequent judges (2012–2014) were Keshia Chanté, Mark Spicoluk, and Tara Oram. Season 5 aired on YTV from July 16 to September 23, 2012. The stylists and coaches (2008–2014) were Jasmine Denham-Baird (vocal coach), Michael Riccio (dance and choreography), Peter Papapetrou (clothes and wardrobe), and Dee Daly (hair and makeup stylist).

As of season 6, Carlos Bustamante (host of YTV's The Zone) replaced the show's former host, Adamo Ruggiero, and web host Mark "Suki" Suknanan was added to the cast.

On September 22, 2013, YTV announced that The Next Star was getting a spin-off show, entitled The Next Star – Supergroups. The first episode premiered March 11, 2014. The season one finale premiered April 13, 2014.

On March 5, 2014, the show's Facebook page confirmed that The Next Star would have a seventh and final season.[1][non-primary source needed] and premiered on July 14 to September 21, 2014. Season 7 has Dan Kanter replacing Keshia Chanté as a judge.[citation needed]

Season 1 (2008)

Top 6

These were the top 100 contestants of season one. It was soon announced that 11-year-old Charlotte Kosc had been diagnosed with viral meningitis and pneumonia in her right lung and therefore couldn't continue in the competition (she had been chosen to carry on as one of the top six). Amanda Rowland was selected as a replacement.

# Contestants Eliminations Hometown
01 02
1 Dunnery Bond 1st WON Halifax, Nova Scotia
2 Briar Gillis 2nd FINALIST Vineland, Ontario
3 Charlotte Kosc N/A Dropped Out Winnipeg, Manitoba
4 Maranda Thomas 3rd FINALIST Mississauga, Ontario
5 Christina LeClair 4th FINALIST Brantford, Ontario
6 Alyssa Reid 5th FINALIST Brampton, Ontario
7 Amanda Rowland 6th Sub for Charlotte Montreal, Quebec
8 Andrea Macasaet 7th Winnipeg, Manitoba
9 Chloe Lloyd 8th Maple Ridge, British Columbia
10 Moses Duot 9th Winnipeg, Manitoba
11 Kieran Jacobs 10th Kahnawake, Quebec
12 Savannah Boyko 11th Winnipeg, Manitoba
13 Teemu Alexander 12th Winnipeg, Manitoba


Each of the six finalists also got to record a single, available on iTunes or on the show's season one compilation EP.

# Song Artist Length
1. "Gonna Make You Dance" Alyssa Reid 3:26
2. "Stuck in My World" Maranda Thomas 3:11
3. "Shy" Dunnery Bond 3:02
4. "From the Heart" Amanda Rowland 3:19
5. "The Last Word" Briar Gillis 3:15
6. "Everyday Crazy" Christina LeClair 3:36


The first three episodes consisted of auditions and narrowing the top 12 down to 6 finalists.

Episode Theme Info
4 Musical Medical The Top Six are after Episode 3.
6 The Next You The Top Six find and create their own unique looks.
7 Meet the Press The Top Six are interviewed on The Zone
8 The Duet The Top Six partner up to perform a duet: Alyssa & Amanda, Briar & Christina, and Dunnery & Maranda.
9 Giving Back The Top Six give back to local charities.
10 The Buzz The Top Six will travel across Toronto to attend to some superstar duties and meet Nikki Yanofsky.
11 The Single The Top Six unveil the finished result of their singles.
12 The Look Back A recap of the entire season.
13 Live Finale Dunnery Bond is crowned the winner at Canada's Wonderland on September 28, 2008.

Season 2 (2009)

The second season of "The Next Star!" premiered on July 17, 2009.[2] Suzie McNeil, Steve Cranwell and Christopher Ward all returned as judges, and Adamo Ruggiero returned as host.[3]


This season's format is very similar to the previous one, with the judges and host traveling to 6 different locations throughout Canada to find their top contestants. But, unlike Season 1, the judges chose 16 contestants to move on to the semi-finals, as opposed to Season 1's Top 12. The winner received a grand prize package valued at over $6 million Canadian dollars including studio time at Metalworks Studios, to write and record two additional songs (not including the one performed on the show). These songs were produced by Universal Canada, and released in spring 2010. They will also have their own showcase at the premier annual Canadian Music Week Showcase, where they will debut their songs; as well as receiving a J-45 Standard Acoustic Guitar and an Epiphone Valve Jr. Combo Amp courtesy of Gibson Guitars. The season's compilation EP was released in October 2009.[4]

The September 27 finale, from International Showplace at Canada's Wonderland, featured performances by FeFe Dobson and Justin Bieber, who had recently earned his first hit with "One Time", but not yet released an album.

Top 6

The Top 6 was revealed to Canada on August 7, 2009.

# Contestants Eliminations Hometown
1 2
1 Tianda Flegal 1st WON Fraser Lake, British Columbia
2 Brock Zanrosso 2nd FINALIST Richmond, British Columbia
3 Lizz Kellermann 3rd FINALIST Mississauga, Ontario
4 Rayandra Hudson 4th FINALIST Mississauga, Ontario
5 Darrelyne Bickel 5th FINALIST The Pas, Manitoba
6 Wren Burnett 6th FINALIST Halifax, Nova Scotia
7 David Marino 16th/7th Montreal, Quebec
8 Jordan Bergeron 16th/7th Boisbriand, Quebec
9 Jonathan Lewis 16th/7th Oakville, Ontario
10 Adriana Lombardo 16th/7th Brampton, Ontario
11 Cheyenne Duff 16th/7th Stratford, Ontario
12 Brady Chyzyk 16th/7th Virden, Manitoba
13 Carlyn Graff 16th/7th Winnipeg, Manitoba
14 Lauren Adamoski 16th/7th Edmonton, Alberta
15 Kimberly Truong 16th/7th Prince Rupert, British Columbia
16 Sabrina Duda 16th/7th Surrey, British Columbia


Each of the six finalists also got to record a single, which are available on iTunes or on the show's season two compilation EP.

# Song Artist Producer
1. "Without You Here" Tianda Flegal Tri Define Records
2. "One More First Chance" Brock Zanrosso Shawn Desman
3. "If I Fall" Wren Burnett Davor Vulama
4. "Solitude of Sunday" Darrelyne Bickel Dave Thompson
5. "More Perfect than a Doll" Lizz Kellermann Simon Wilcox
6. "What We Need is Love" Rayandra Hudson Chin Injeti

Season 3 (2010)

The Next Star returns with a third season. The most popular season yet. Host Adamo Ruggiero, Judges Suzie McNeil, Steve Cranwell, and Christopher Ward. This contains the first Christmas themed episode. The song was "All I Want For Christmas Is You" by Mariah Carey.

The Top 6

# Contestants Eliminations
1 2
1 Diego Gomes TOP 6 WON
2 Victoria Duffield TOP 6 FINALIST
3 Isabelle Stern TOP 6 FINALIST
4 Brandon Bizior TOP 6 FINALIST
5 Madi Amyotte TOP 6 FINALIST
6 Mimoza Duot TOP 6 FINALIST
7 Annie OUT
8 Kelsey OUT
9 Sophie OUT
10 Alesandria OUT
11 Brook OUT
12 Evan OUT
13 Anton OUT
14 Sabrina OUT
15 Zaki OUT
16 Annaliese OUT
17 Blake OUT


No. Song Artist
1. "My Bestfriend's Girl" Diego Gomes
2. "I've Got A Crush On You" Isabelle Stern
3. "Front Row" Madi Amyotte
4. "Insane (Thru With U)" Mimoza Duot
5. "Better Off Anyway" Brandon Bizior
6. "Fever" Victoria Duffield

The top six were called back to Toronto once again around December to perform a top 6 group music video of the Christmas song "All I Want For Christmas is You".

Season 4 (2011)

The fourth season of The Next Star premiered on July 18, 2011. All three judges and host Adamo returned for the season. The season got a new logo – a big star with the show title on it. This season also had a new intro and the theme was slightly modified for the opening title sequence. For the first time since the first season, Calgary, Alberta was one of the 6 audition cities.

The Top 6 were revealed to Canada August 2011.

# Contestants Eliminations Hometown
1 2
1 Charlie Storwick TOP 6 WINNER Calgary, Alberta
2 Shania Fillmore TOP 6 FINALIST Saint-Philippe, New Brunswick
3 Milly Benzu TOP 6 FINALIST Longueuil, Quebec
4 JD Meeboer TOP 6 FINALIST Vineland, Ontario
5 April Llave TOP 6 FINALIST Winnipeg, Manitoba
6 Parker Schmidt TOP 6 FINALIST Duncan, British Columbia
7 Aiden Shufman OUT Thornhill, Ontario
8 Lexie Tytlandsvik OUT Radville, Saskatchewan
9 Dane Bjornson OUT Winnipeg, Manitoba
10 Sydney Delong OUT Oakville, Ontario
11 Kristian Paschalis OUT Peterborough, Ontario
12 Dylan Mueller OUT Fairview, Alberta
13 Bradley Martinez OUT Castleton, Ontario
14 Yanxiu Wu OUT Scarborough, Ontario
15 Andrew Machum OUT Halifax, Nova Scotia
16 Angela Apigo OUT Scarborough, Ontario


# Person Song Hometown
1. Charlie Storwick "Good As Gone" Calgary, Alberta
2. Shania Fillmore "Dreams" Scarborough, Ontario
3. JD Meeboer "Sparks Are Gonna Fly" Vineland, Ontario
4. Parker Schmidt "It Might Be You" Scarborough, Ontario
5. April Llave "Spotlight" Winnipeg, Manitoba
6. Milly Benzu "If You Were Mine" Longueuil, Quebec
7. Top 6 "Turn It Up Up Up" Various

Season 5 (2012)

Adamo Ruggiero returned as the host for season 5, with Keshia Chanté, Mark Spicoluk, and Tara Oram as new judges. The season premiered on July 16, 2012. This season the show also hit over 6500 followers on Twitter[5] and 60,000 likes on their Facebook.[6][non-primary source needed] A new part is "The Wild Card", four people who received a "No" at the auditions are reconsidered and one will get The Wild Card, a chance to continue on. The live finale at Canada's Wonderland was held on September 23, 2012. The 'winners song' for the season was "One Thing" by One Direction. Brooklyn performed the "winners song". In late-September 2012, it was announced that there is going to be another episode of this season titled "48 Hours in the Spotlight".[7] Also, on November 12, 2012, it was announced that there will be a Christmas episode, song and music video with the whole top 6, premiering on December 11, 2012 after Life with Boys: Naughty or Nice with Boys. "48 Hours in the Spotlight" will contain Brooklyn's second single/music video. The 'Winner's Episode' premiered on December 18, 2012. This was the second Christmas episode since Season 3. Pop singer Aleesia performed as a musical guest for the show.

Choosing the Wild Card

The judges picked 4 contestants who at first received a "No" at the auditions. Issy then received the Wild Card.

# Contestants Eliminations Hometown
01 02
1 Issy Dahl Nominated WON AS WILD CARD Winnipeg, Manitoba
2 Jonah Berens Nominated OUT Winnipeg, Manitoba
3 Rebecca Lappa Nominated OUT Edmonton, Alberta
4 Maria Nominated OUT Maple Ridge, British Columbia

Top 6

# Contestants Eliminations Hometown
01 02
1 Brooklyn Roebuck TOP 6 WON Chatham, Ontario
2 Darren Espanto TOP 6 Finalist Calgary, Alberta
3 Ryan Hawken TOP 6 Finalist Toronto, Ontario
4 Amer Dhaliwal TOP 6 Finalist Brampton, Ontario
5 Grace Johnston TOP 6 Finalist Winnipeg, Manitoba
6 Issy Dahl TOP 6 Finalist Winnipeg, Manitoba
7 Madi OUT Whitehorse, Yukon
8 Brianna OUT Musgrave Harbour, Newfoundland and Labrador
9 Daniel OUT Winnipeg, Manitoba
10 Vince OUT Oshawa, Ontario
11 Kafaye Rose OUT Toronto, Ontario
12 Kaija OUT Ottawa, Ontario
13 Becky OUT Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec


Episode # Title Summary Air date
1 "Auditions, Part 1" The judges Tara Oram, Keshia Chanté and Mark Spicoluk set off to find the top 13 with the host Adamo Ruggiero. July 16, 2012
2 "Auditions, Part 2" The judges Tara Oram, Keshia Chanté and Mark Spicoluk set off to find the top 13 with the host Adamo Ruggiero. July 23, 2012
3 "Auditions, Part 3" The judges Tara Oram, Keshia Chanté and Mark Spicoluk set off to find the top 13 with the host Adamo Ruggiero. July 30, 2012
4 "Top 6" The judges have found the top 13 and are now watching them perform to find the top 6. Brooklyn, Amer, Ryan, Darren, Grace and Issy are the top 6. August 6, 2012
5 "The Next Song" The top 6 choose their own song, style, dance moves and wardrobe. August 13, 2012
6 "Panel of Experts" Now the panel of experts choose the top 6's wardrobe, style, dance moves and song. August 20, 2012
7 "So Much!" The panel of experts once again choose the top 6's wardrobe, style, dance moves and song. Plus, they film a commercial for the finale. August 27, 2012
8 "Music Videos, Part 1" Grace, Brooklyn and Darren get together with their own producer to create their own single and music video. September 3, 2012
9 "Music Video, Part 2" Amer, Issy and Ryan get together with their own producer to create their own single and music video. September 10, 2012
10 "It's NOW" The top 6 create a group single called "NOW" and they film a music video for the song. September 17, 2012
11 "The Next Star Finale" The judges, the host and the top 6 join together for the live finale with singing guest's Shawn Desman, Neverest and Cher Lloyd. September 23, 2012
12 "Not on the Naughty List" The gang are back in Toronto and Adamo makes sure that the judges and the top 6 aren't on the Naughty List. They also create one last group song for Christmas. December 11, 2012
13 "48 Hours in the Spotlight" This episode follows Brooklyn as she just starts to get the fact that she WON THE NEXT STAR! It will premiere one of her new singles and music video. December 18, 2012


# Person Song Producer
1. Grace "Caught Up" Nicole Hughes
2. Brooklyn "The Way I See You" ft. Nate Hall (finale only) Wayne Petti
3. Darren "Gotta Give A Little Extra" Rezza Brothers
4. Amer "See You Again" Jeff Dazel
5. Issy "More" Rob Wells
6. Ryan "In My Mind" Zubin Thakkar
7. Top 6 "Now" Jasmine Denham
8. Top 6 "Oh Oh Santa" Jasmine Denham

Season 6 (2013)

Through their Facebook page, The Next Star has confirmed its return for a sixth season. The announcement was made on March 5, 2013.[8][non-primary source needed] Adamo Ruggiero is not returning to be a host and Carlos Bustamante will instead be taking over, as confirmed in a video released on March 20, 2013.[9] "The Wild Card" is back. It premiered on July 15, 2013 on YTV.[10] This is the first season to have a finale pre-show.

Top 6

# Contestants Eliminations 03
01 02 Hometown
1 Alicia Moffet TOP 9 TOP 6 WON Montreal, Quebec
2 Alex Zaichkowski TOP 9 TOP 6 Finalist St. Albert, Alberta
3 Paige Prescott TOP 9 TOP 6 Finalist Winnipeg
4 Kat Moscone TOP 9 TOP 6 Finalist Toronto, Ontario
5 Jaden MacPhee TOP 9 TOP 6 Finalist Windsor, Ontario
6 Dante Scott TOP 9 TOP 6 Finalist Amherstburg, Ontario
7 Angelina TOP 9 OUT Whitehorse, Yukon
8 Yasmeen TOP 9 OUT Musgrave Harbour, Newfoundland and Labrador
9 Cameron Molloy TOP 9 OUT Allison, New Brunswick
10 Mason Vail OUT St. Catharines, Ontario
11 Olenka Bak OUT London, Ontario
12 Ella OUT Ottawa
Wildcard Gary Gordon OUT Barrie, Ontario


Episode # Title Summary Air date
1 "Auditions, Part 1" The judges Tara Oram, Keshia Chanté and Mark Spicoluk set off to find the top 13 with the host Carlos Bustamante. July 15, 2013
2 "Auditions, Part 2" The judges Tara Oram, Keshia Chanté and Mark Spicoluk set off to find the top 13 with the host Carlos Bustamante. July 22, 2013
3 "Auditions, Part 3" The judges Tara Oram, Keshia Chanté and Mark Spicoluk set off to find the top 13 with the host Carlos Bustamante. July 29, 2013
4 "The Little Twist" The top 13 perform to find out who will make the top 9, this seasons twist. August 5, 2013
5 "This Seasons Top 6" The top 9 perform to see who will make this season's top 6. Paige, Alex, Kat, Dante, Alicia and Jaden make the top 6. August 12, 2013
6 "It's Up To You" The top 6 choose their own style, dance moves and song to perform in front of a live audience. August 19, 2013
7 "Flip It" It's now up to the experts to choose their new style & look, dance moves and song in front of live audience. August 26, 2013
8 "We're A Team" A top 6 member must help another top 6 member in there perform in front of a live audience. September 2, 2013
9 "We Just Don't Care!" The top 6 pair up with another member to perform a song in front of a live audience. Also, they film there group music video titled "We Just Don't Care" September 9, 2013
10 "#musicvideos" Alex, Paige, Dante, Alicia, Jaden and Kat film there individual music videos. September 16, 2013
11 "The Next Star Finale: Live!" The top 6, the judges and the host, Carlos Bustamante, all join together at Canada's Wonderland in Vaughan, Ontario, on September 22, 2013. They find out who will be crowned the show's season 6 'Next Star'.
This season's special guest performers include Cody Simpson and Eleven Past One. They also include Brooklyn Roebuck, Darren Espanto, and the Top 6.
September 22, 2013


# Person Song Director
1. Top 6 "We Just Don't Care" Peter Papapetrou
2. Kat "Lioness" AaronA
3. Alex "All I Want" Adam Goldhammer
4. Alicia "Better Watch Out For Me" Ben Knetchel
5. Jaden "Winners" Dan LeMoyne
6. Dante "Goodbye Gravity" Grandson and Son
7. Paige "Say U 2" Stash Caper

The Next Star – Supergroup

During commercial break on the season six live finale (September 22, 2013) it was announced there will be The Next Star spin-off titled The Next Star – Supergroup. It was soon after confirmed on the official The Next Star Twitter though nothing was said about it. The Next Star – SuperGroup appears to be similar to The Next Star but The Next Star – SuperGroup is not about solo singers, it is about groups of singers performing. There will be new judges and coaches. Not much is known about it. There will be contestants from other seasons on the show including: Michelle Cavaleri, Parker Schmidt, Shania Fillmore, Isabelle Stern, Amer Dhaliwal, Mimoza Duot, Gary Gordon, Dane Bjornson, Olenka Bak, Bradley Martinez, and Ryan Hawken.[11] The very first episode premiered March 11, 2014. The season one finale premiered April 13, 2014. In the premiere, there was live screening party at Toronto to watch the first episode, attended by the fans of The Next Star, the hosts of the show, and other known members including Carlos Bustamante and Ryan Dizon.[12][non-primary source needed]

Season 7 (2014)

The Next Star continues for a seventh season[1] and premiered on July 14, 2014. Season 7 has Dan Kanter replacing Keshia Chanté as a judge.[citation needed]

# Contestants Eliminations Hometown
01 02
1 Jory Zechner TOP 6 WON Nipigon, Ontario
2 Kaleia Simons-Cook TOP 6 Finalist Edmonton, Alberta
3 Michaelah Weekes TOP 6 Finalist Kelowna, British Columbia
4 Nissita Francis TOP 6 Finalist Barrie, Ontario
5 Ryland Clark TOP 6 Finalist Deseronto, Ontario
6 Shon Burnett TOP 6 Finalist Surrey, British Columbia
7 Anna OUT Regina, Saskatchewan
8 Grace Bakker OUT Toronto, Ontario
9 Jake Donaldson OUT Newcastle, Ontario
10 McKenzie OUT Chilliwack, British Columbia
11 Nayana OUT Ottawa, Ontario
12 Richard OUT South Surrey, British Columbia


# Song Artist
1. "Up To Us" Jory Zechner
2. "Breaking Glass" Kaleia Simons-Cook
3. "What R U Doin 2 Me" Michaelah Weekes
4. "Do It" Nissita Francis
5. "So Hepburn" Ryland Clark
6. "Be Your Holiday" Shon Burnett


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