The Northern Iowan is the newspaper of The University of Northern Iowa.[1][2] It is published semi-weekly,[3] on Monday and Thursday and distributed around campus free of charge.[4] The paper publishes articles on campus news and events, the university's sports programs, and student opinion pieces. The name of the paper has changed over the years. It was called the Students Offering from 1888–1889, the Normal Eye from 1892–1911, the College Eye from 1911–1967, and the Northern Iowan from 1967–present.

The Northern Iowan is part of the UWIRE wire service.[5]

In 1967 the newspaper was at the center of a public furor over the newspaper's publication of an article by a young English professor, Edward Hoffmans, criticizing the draft and advocating an end to the Vietnam War.[6]



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