Open Party
Avoin Puolue
ChairpersonPetrus Pennanen [fi]
Registered1 March 2021 (2021-03-01)
Split fromPirate Party
IdeologyMarket liberalism
Direct democracy
Political positionSyncretic politics
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The Open Party (Finnish: Avoin Puolue, Swedish: Öppna Partiet) is a Finnish political party registered on 1 March 2021.[1]

The party was founded in 2020 when its founder, Petrus Pennanen [fi], resigned from the Finnish Pirate Party due to disagreements and founded a new city council group in Helsinki.

According to Pennanen the Open Party operates outside the traditional left–right spectrum.[2] Additionally the party has claimed to be willing to work based on the best possible scientific knowledge and cooperate with all kinds of parties.[3]

The party took part in the municipal election in 2021 but failed to gain any seats.[4]


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